Female POWs Prove Women Can Endure War’s Hardships

first_img Maj. Rhonda Cornum could see her breath when she awoke on the fourth day of ground fighting during Operation Desert Storm. It was February 1991, and the flight surgeon combated the chilly Iraqi morning by slipping on her jacket and nursing a few cups of hot coffee. She was headed out on a routine flight to shuttle passengers, when her UH-60 Black Hawk crew received a call telling them their mission had changed and was now a rescue. That call changed Cornum’s life forever. A fighter pilot, Air Force Capt. Bill Andrews, had been shot down behind enemy lines and suffered a broken leg. Cornum’s crew was the closest aircraft around. “Unfortunately we flew right over a big bunker full of weapons and they shot the tail off my helicopter … and they shot me,” said Cornum, now a brigadier general. Cornum was one of three Soldiers to survive the 140-mile-per-hour crash. She suffered two broken arms, a bullet wound to her shoulder, and a torn knee, only to be dragged from the wreckage and taken into Iraqi captivity. She was held in a primitive underground jail cell for eight days in what she calls “austere” conditions. She was also sexually molested by an Iraqi Soldier while being transported to the prison, but said being fondled was low on her list of things going wrong that day. “The molestation didn’t do a thing to me,” she assured. “It is just as irrelevant now as it was then.” Cornum said she was more surprised than emotionally damaged from the assault — she was dirty, bloodied and badly wounded. “If it doesn’t increase the likeliness you were going to stay there longer, and it wasn’t excruciating, and it wasn’t life-threatening, then it really didn’t matter,” Cornum explained. On March 6, 1991, Cornum was released along with 23 other prisoners of war in end-of-war negotiations. Cornum’s story is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago. Few women have served as POWs. From Florena Budwin, a Civil War woman who disguised herself as a man to join union troops and was held in a confederate prison camp, to the 67 Army nurses who were taken captive by the Japanese in World War II, there have been less than 100 military women held as POWs throughout American history. As the debate of women serving in combat roles continues, Cornum said she believes the biggest contribution of her career is simply the proof that military women can persevere in tough situations. While Cornum always felt that she was a strong person, she said her experience as a POW only confirmed her belief that she was resilient. “It helps put everything else in perspective,” Cornum said of being taken captive. “It made you recognize your strength, when previously it hadn’t really been tested much.” Cornum completed five more years of medical training upon her release, and while studying to take the board, many of her colleagues said it was the most stressful and worst experience of their life — Cornum disagreed. “The same reason that I came through the POW experience well is the same reason I came through graduate school well, and the same reason I flipped my car and came out of that well — it’s that I approach every problem very similarly, that no matter how bad it gets, it will always get better.” The brigadier general is now the director of Comprehensive Soldier Fitness, the Army’s authority on resiliency training, and in the past 20 years has authored a book, become a urologist and earned a doctorate’s degree in philosophy. Cornum said she didn’t come up with how to instill resilience, but she did strongly advocate teaching it before something traumatic happens, rather than after. She likens teaching resiliency to training for a marathon: not everyone who trains finishes the race, but those who do train have a much better chance at succeeding. “So you ought to train first,” she said. “I’m evidence that it works,” Cornum pointed out. Not long after Cornum’s rescue in 1991, the restriction of women flying aircraft in combat was repealed, and in 1993 Congress rescinded female combat exemption laws, opening up a quarter million jobs previously closed to women. Earlier this past March, the Military Leadership Diversity Commission recommended to the president that DoD eliminate all combat-exclusion policies for women. By Dialogo April 05, 2011 Women are forgotten, more so the German ones…many socialist women who are in the services and in URSS during nazism after the 2nd WW. For years were impeded to return to Germany. Their nationality (even if naturalized Russian) could be the reason to be sent to the working fields by force, many of them died, some returned sick and old. But, that was the life for German women, born in a defeated country, occupied, with no right to voice in the history …. last_img read more

How to Scientifically Justify Horror

first_imgAre you impressed by Big Science’s complaints that we can’t cure HIV or cancer without baby body parts? How did medical science manage for millennia? Never in the history of medicine have doctors considered it ethical to kill one person to help another. There’s a long-standing Hippocratic Oath that says, ‘Do no harm.’ It’s never right to do wrong to get a chance to do right. Abandonment of human exceptionalism (see yesterday’s article) is leading to infanticide and euthanasia, even in Canada (listen to Wesley J. Smith on ID the Future.)It happened before, and it can happen again. No; it is happening again. When pragmatism trumps human dignity, the potential horrors become unimaginable. There are reports of North Korea committing Nazi-like atrocities today in the name of scientific research. Evil was not exhausted by the Nazis and communists. Eternal vigilance is the price of human rights.If you are not horrified by Science Magazine’s rationalization of evil, you should be. Christians are not the only ones saying that human life begins at conception. Genetics and science show that to be true. But look how some scientists dodge the issue of when life begins in this piece on WND.Study the following resources to see what is at stake.Video clips by the Center for Medical Progress show executives at Planned Parenthood acting flippant and cavalier about baby body parts. One of them wanted to sell enough baby parts to get a Lamborghini. They admitted to manipulating the fetus before the abortion to preserve the parts scientists pay more for, like calvaria (baby skulls with brains intact).Videos by former abortionist Anthony Levitino demonstrate how the most common abortion procedures are done. These clips often turn pro-aborts into pro-lifers within minutes.The film Gosnell  portrays the worst serial killer in American history running a filthy lab for 30 years where women died during abortions, and he was protected by the state from inspections. This was going on in Philadelphia just a few years ago. One startling moment shows a sanitary abortion doctor on the witness stand testifying that her lab is sparkling clean. But then she admits that she performs the same skull-crushing operations on fetuses that Gosnell was accused of doing (as shown in the above videos). Big Media and Big Hollywood tried to censor this well-done, popular movie.The testimony of Gianna Jessen, who survived a saline abortion, includes a strong plea that people like her, who were intended for abortion, have a right to life and a future. (Visited 477 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 A leading American science journal whimpers over loss of access to body parts of murdered humans.When the Center for Medical Progress released in 2015 undercover videos of abortionists harvesting and selling body parts of babies, people were horrified. People who didn’t know about it were horrified that such a ghastly activity was going on. People doing it were horrified that they were caught. This included the abortionists and the scientists who benefited from the fetal tissue for ‘research.’ Selling fetal tissue for profit is illegal, and manipulating abortions to preserve the ‘best’ tissues for scientists is also illegal, but legalities aside, the idea of intentionally murdering someone to use their body parts for someone else should horrify anyone at a gut level. How can it be justified?An unborn baby is not its mother; it is not its father. It is its own human being, with its own genetic code, its own sex, and its own body. It has its own hopes, and its rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In the womb it is practicing for that. A recent study showed that in the womb, the baby is learning about its body as it kicks and moves about (see Live Science article, “Babies Create a Mental Map of Their Body Before They Ever Leave the Womb”). These are little people, with bodies and minds, preparing to live independently. If not intentionally killed by abortion, they would grow to be just like us. What sane person could justify using babies like farm animals or crops for harvesting?Scientists could, that’s who. In a Policy Forum in Science Magazine last week, Meredith Wadman and Jocelyn Kaiser were given the powerful journal’s print space to whimper that “Trump officials move to limit human fetal tissue research.” (Read Medical Xpress for an account of the dispute.) As we list their reasons for objecting to the change in policy (mostly based on pragmatism), let’s think about the horrifying precedent that could spring from their rationalizations. Suppose, for instance, that scientists started harvesting body parts from patients in comas, or prisoners, or the mentally ill, because ‘they are going to die anyway, and we could learn worthwhile things from the material.’* The last time that excuse was tried was by the Nazis, and then, like now, the scientists were complicit in it. Most civilized people condemn the Holocaust, which included Nazi medical experiments on Jews, as the nadir of human evil. *Notice, please, that this is very different from willing one’s organs or bodies to science after natural death. The ‘medical research’ done on Jews in the 1940s was definitely not with their consent! Nor are unborn babies consenting to being killed. We realize that comparisons to Hitler are often overdone. But in this case the comparison is apt: what Nazi scientists did to non-consenting adults is what abortionists do to unborn babies—and they use some of the same excuses.Translating RationalizationsHere are Wadman and Kaiser’s reasons for whimpering about the Trump administration’s change in policy to limit or forbid the use of fetal tissue in research. It’s a case study in how to justify evil. To make it clear how the rationalizations fail, we add comparisons in brackets to Nazi doctors using similar excuses.The actions have prompted fears that NIH-funded university scientists who work with fetal tissue could face a broader clampdown.[Nazi scientist: ‘We might face a shortage of Jews to work on if the government reduces the quota.’]The administration’s actions are already affecting research, scientists say. The NIH order, which was not made public, disrupted one study of the virus that causes AIDS. “We were all poised to go and then the bombshell was dropped,” says HIV researcher Warner Greene, director of the Gladstone Center for HIV Cure Research in San Francisco, California. “The decision completely knocked our collaboration off the rails. We were devastated.”[Nazi lab: ‘They didn’t even tell us they were going to cut our supply of imbeciles. We were going to study how long they could survive in a freezing cold cell. The announcement completely knocked our research off the rails. We feel we’re going to cry.’]Research using human fetal tissue from elective abortions is legal in the United States, but antiabortion groups and some lawmakers in Congress fiercely oppose federal funding for such work.[Nazi lab: ‘Hitler had told us it was OK to experiment on Jews. It’s those pesky anti-Nazis who get in our way.’]“RML [Rocky Mountain Laboratories] researchers use fetal tissue to create humanized mice, which have immune systems that behave like a human’s.”[Nazi lab: ‘We were using the prisoners to see if they could breed with chimpanzees, which have genomes 95% similar to humans.’]According to emails provided by Greene, RML researcher Kim Hasenkrug had prepared humanized mice for testing an antibody that might prevent HIV from quickly establishing reservoirs in the human body.[Nazi lab: ‘We already had Jewish women inseminated by chimpanzees, to see if we could prevent typhoid from infecting them.’]HHS had “directed me to discontinue procuring fetal tissue from ABR, the only source for us. … This effectively stops all of our research to discover a cure for HIV.”[Nazi researcher: ‘This effectively stops all of our research to discover a cure for typhoid.’]Academic scientists with federal grants now worry that they, too, could face restrictions. “Everything I am doing involves humanized mice. It would shut my lab down if we were not able to use fetal tissues,” says Jerome Zack, a virologist who studies HIV at UC Los Angeles and has been using humanized mice for 25 years. The mice, he notes, are also used by cancer scientists developing immunotherapy drugs.[Nazi researcher: ‘Scientists all over Germany are worried now. My whole career has involved medical experiments on Jews. I know other scientists experimenting on them to try to cure tuberculosis.’]One concern is that HHS will cut off supplies from ABR [Advanced Bioscience Resources], the largest commercial source of fetal tissue in the United States, which could hurt a swath of U.S. scientists who rely on the firm. “ABR is the most reliable,” Zack says.[Nazi hospital: ‘Auschwitz is the largest supplier of Jews. Cutting them off could hurt a swath of German scientists who rely on that prison camp for material.’]“Why are we having this discussion?” about alternatives [to fetal tissue], asks biologist Irving Weissman of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, who is invited to the HHS event. The impetus for seeking alternatives, he says, is “not from scientists working in the field and trying to understand and treat diseases. It’s a political force apparently coming from above the NIH level.”[Nazi scientist: ‘Why are we having this discussion about alternatives to prison inmates? That discussion isn’t coming from us German scientists. It’s coming from parties not loyal to the Fuhrer.’]last_img read more

Rajasthan Royals’ grassroot level camp concludes

first_imgNagpur, Nov 21 (IANS) The seven-day training camp conducted by Rajasthan Royals to unearth and develop talent at the grassroot level concluded at the Institute of Sports here on Wednesday.The Royals kicked off the camp on November 15 for their junior talent pool of Royal Colts (boys) and Royal Sparks (girls) with top order batsman Rahul Tripathi paying a visit to the camp for a couple of days.A total of 35 boys and girls participated in the first camp organised as part of the recently launched grassroots initiative called the Royals Colts and Royal Sparks. The training camp worked on refining the budding cricketers’ skills, as well as providing each individual with a nutrition plan and fitness regime. Over the course of the seven days, the kids sweated it out and worked on their batting, bowling and fielding skills, underwent fitness drills, net sessions and got feedback via video analysis. They also underwent a High Performance Programme under the watchful eyes of Royals’ Head of Cricket, Zubin Bharucha. Besides, the likes of former Essex cricketer Andrew McGarry, former India off-spinner Rajesh Chauhan and current Royals assistant physio Niranjan Pandit conducted coaching and training sessions for the players. “The current crop of talent that we have identified as Royal Colts and Royal Sparks is extremely promising and I feel with the right training and guidance, these kids can emerge to be the next set of cricket stalwarts,” Zubin said in a statement.”During the camp, we focused on honing their cricketing skills, and also guided and equipped them with knowledge of high performance fitness and nutrition,” he added.–IANStri/bgadvertisementlast_img read more

The Ashes, 1st Test Day 2: Advantage England after Rory Burns hits maiden Test ton

first_imgRory Burns hit his first test century to give England the chance to build a big first-innings lead over Australia as the hosts reached 267-4 at stumps on Friday in the Ashes opener.England trails Australia by only 17 runs and has a deep batting lineup with No. 9 Chris Woakes, who hit a Test ton against India, still to come.Burns faced the first and last deliveries of day two, finishing on 125 not out, though Australia missed a chance to dismiss him leg before wicket by not reviewing Nathan Lyon’s delivery when the batter was on 21.Ben Stokes (38 not out) is the other batter at the crease and has an unbeaten fifth-wicket stand of 73 runs with Burns.Burns shared the key partnership of the day 132 runs for the second wicket with captain Joe Root (57) after England resumed on 10-0 and quickly lost opener Jason Roy (10).Root, who was playing at No. 3 instead of his preferred No. 4 slot, was the only batter out in the afternoon session. Peter Siddle reacted quickly by sticking out his right hand with the umpire already making plans to get out of the way of Root’s shot and caught and bowled the England captain at 154-2.Australia convinced the umpires to provide another ball and hit back in the evening session by claiming Joe Denly (18) and Jos Buttler (5) before Burns and Stokes man of the match in England’s winning World Cup final against New Zealand last month came together on 194-4.England had reached tea at 170-2 after going to lunch at 71-1.advertisementPacer James Pattinson took 2-54 for Australia and Siddle was the most economical bowler with 1-43 off 21 overs.Australia scored 284 all out Thursday when Steve Smith rescued the team with a brilliant 144 on his return to test cricket after a ban for ball-tampering. Australia had stumbled to 122-8.Also Read | James Anderson apologised to England teammates after injury on Day 1 of Ashes TestAlso Read | Ashes 2019: A look at Jofra Archer’s old tweets on umpiring blooperslast_img read more

10 months ago​Everton post record revenues for second consecutive year

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say ​Everton post record revenues for second consecutive yearby Freddie Taylor10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveEverton are in a very healthy financial position.The club has posted record revenues for the second year in a row.With total revenues of £189 million for the year, it is a ten percent bump on the figure from last year.The major increases came from sponsorships and commercial revenue, which are up 45 percent.Chief Executive Officer Denise Barrett-Baxendale said in a statement: “For the second consecutive year the club has generated record revenue.”Gate receipts, sponsorship and other commercial income increased significantly by 45 per cent and the continued and quite magnificent support of our fans meant that season tickets reached the cap with more than 10,000 on a waiting list.”This commercial growth demonstrates our progress and we have a vision for the club that is shared on and off the pitch by our majority shareholder, chairman, our board of directors, the Everton leadership team, our director of football and manager.”Chairman Bill Kenwright added: “With Farhad continuing his outstanding commitment, Marcel and Marco driving our first team forward, Unsie continuing to develop some of the best young talent, Denise thrusting our operations ever onward and a fanbase that continues to inspire our ambition, we look forward to the next 12 months with purpose and anticipation.” last_img read more

Assembly of Manitoba chiefs call on RCMP to investigate online Facebook comments

first_imgAPTN National NewsA resolution at a meeting of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) is calling on the RCMP to look into a number of charged comments on Facebook associated with a toddler who was killed in Edmonton.The Facebook user, Allison Wiese, posted three comments on the page of Global News including this one; “I’m so glad this baby didn’t get a chance to breed we have enough natives in Regina.”Reaction on the social network site was immediate and the issue found its way into a resolution at the AMC.“We’re not going to sweep this under the rug anymore,” said AMC Grand Chief Derek Nepinak. “We as Indigenous people have a responsibility to stand up against racism and we’re calling on a broader Canadian society to stand up against racism because it’s been a significant detriment to a peaceful society.”On social media, people are calling it a fake account – something that Nepinak said doesn’t matter.“If it is a fake account that’s fine,” said Nepinak. “A fake account is still being actioned by somebody and behind that fake account exits a human being who is strongly demonstrating hatred against our people … and that person needs to be helped on some level but they also need to be held accountable.”Anthony Raine is the 19-month-old who was murdered in Edmonton.His body was discovered Friday on the grounds of the Good Shepherds Anglican church.His father, Joseph Crier, 26, and his girlfriend, Tasha Mack, 25, have been charged with second-degree murder.According to police, the toddler died from blunt force trauma to the [email protected]last_img read more

Taxpayers federation seeks standing in pipeline carbon tax legal battles

first_imgVANCOUVER, B.C. – An advocacy group that argues for the interests of taxpayers will be asking the courts to allow it take part in separate legal cases in British Columbia and Saskatchewan in a dispute over federal and provincial jurisdiction.The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says it will request permission for intervener status in order to fight against the federal carbon tax in Saskatchewan and in favour of getting pipelines built through B.C.A reference question filed in the B.C. Appeal Court by the provincial government is asking it to affirm its right to protect the province from the threat of a diluted bitumen spill. The group is also applying to the courts for standing in the Saskatchewan case where the provincial government wants a ruling on whether the federal government can impose a carbon tax.Federation director Aaron Wudrick says it’s critical that Canadian taxpayers be represented at both proceedings where federal and provincial jurisdictions will be clarified.The federation says it will be filing the intervener applications over the coming weeks.The federal Liberal government has already announced that it will intervene in the B.C. case, which could decide the future of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion from the Edmonton-area to port in Burnaby.Kris Sims, the B.C. director for the federation says the Canadian way of life and economic prosperity depend on oil and gas and British Columbia must stop efforts to block the expansion.“We are going to bat for taxpayers in this fight because without a robust economy, and without access to affordable oil and gas, people in B.C. won’t be able to drive to work, the cost of everything will surge and they won’t be able to pay the taxes that our governments impose on us,” Sims says.last_img read more

St Patricks Day Family Dinner and Dance

first_imgThere will be a Photo Booth and a DJ for the dance and other prizes to be won.Free tickets can be picked up at;-Party Town in Fort St John-The Taylor Hub in TaylorTo view the FB Event Page; CLICK HERETo view the Phoenix Volunteer Club FB Page; CLICK HERE TAYLOR, B.C. – The Phoenix Volunteer Club is hosting their 2nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day, Free Family Dinner and Dance to say thank you and give back to the community.Friday, March 8th from 5 pm – 9 pm at the Taylor Community Hall, there will be prizes for best dressed in St. Patrick’s themed outfit.Hot dogs and hamburgers will be served for dinner, with pop, water and coffee to drink.last_img read more

RCMP present Annual Report to Taylor Council

first_imgWhen it came to vehicle offences, such as impaired driving, the RCMP reports that those caught was up to 12 in 2018 from 2 in 2017.Perret says the reason for the number increase in impaired driving does not necessarily mean there are more impaired drivers but could be due to heavier Police presence within the District.“When we talk about stats, we could spin this one way or the other. Either we have a huge increase in the amount of impaired drivers in Taylor or we’ve done a better job of doing impaired driving enforcement.”For more information on the RCMP Annual Report, you can view it on the District of Taylor’s website. The total number of service calls for 2018 was 452, up from 440 in 2017.In criminal activity, some offences saw an increase, while others saw little to no change.Criminal activity is divided into a few different sections.In persons violent crimes, Police report that there was a decrease from 40 in 2017 to 36 in 2018.Property crimes saw an increase to 70 in 2018, up from 63 in 2017.Other crimes have been stable at 24 incidents for two years in a row. TAYLOR, B.C. – At a Council Meeting on Monday, the RCMP presented their Annual Report to the District of Taylor Council.Presenting the Annual Report was Staff Sargeant Steve Perret & Sargeant Dave Tyreman of the Fort St. John RCMP Detachment.The Annual Report focused on statistics for service calls, criminal activity, and motor vehicle offences specifically in Taylor.last_img read more