Using websites to expand your business creative websites are the core

Internet speed can not imagine, just a few years, has been involved in every corner of the world, spread to thousands on thousands of family, involved in business and other fields, from all walks of life in the United States, there are nearly 70% families using the Internet, more and more business out on the net. Research shows that, in less than ten years, have a website will like to have a list of pages as ordinary, so to build a successful online publicity of their company services and products are your key to success in the future. read more

The budding small web site where to go

ah, with the financial crisis, recently, my shop business cold, reduced income, out of my first two big, want to change, but do not know in the end what line is suitable for me?! Hey! Was anxious white hair, what should I do?!? Afternoon or nothing to do, go out and look around! Come on the street: push street snack car, mobile phone film, I thought a person engaged in the computer industry, how can these for me?? always feel not suitable for these industries, feel that they should do some easy technical content high work. But what am I supposed to do?…… Want to go to the talent market to see, perhaps there is a suitable position, read more

Web traffic grows over millions of simple skills

traffic is king and content is king, we cried on the network for many years, there are arguments, which is the most important, this question is similar to the first chicken or egg?. In fact, very simple, both important. The content is the key to stable flow, the flow is propaganda means, not to discard them, like you and me. He has no father or mother, no, no you.

I told you the experience of building their own skills,

1, do the station to focus, what long tail effect, we don’t, if you don’t believe you try, now you can do well?. You will do, what information is not, and I do not like to do keywords, so that we can see the flow of their website, so as to enhance your station information, power, and other things to say. Old technology, Baidu Fengyun list, as long as you can not do too much, why Baidu k you can not be greedy! read more

WeChat operations how to keep writing and update your WeChat public account

because I now run a WeChat public accounts, public accounts for WeChat updates have deep feeling, no certain perseverance really difficult to stick to it, this paper mainly expounds some personal experience WeChat operating experience.

WeChat public accounts only published the original article I wrote, 2-3 articles per week, each 1000 words or more, and now the cumulative push of nearly 80 articles, did not do any form of promotion, fans are not many. But each article read rate is fairly good, a year ago has never written any articles, now insist on writing, writing articles now have the opportunity in the media published. read more

When will you be able to return the station to a stable DNS

I am an old geek, but new Adsense on the site, but I have a strong interest.

at 1 in the morning, I was chatting with some webmaster. In exploring how to promote local portal food website.

when people refer to each other’s website, they find out. The site cannot be accessed and immediately start looking for reasons when checking

When the

domain pointed, it gave us a very surprised answer. The domain name is automatically parsed back to the original register under IP. When a domain name is redirected to its server, it is discovered again. Simply can not resolve. read more

New film site experience novices do not take detours

I am a novice, is a grassroots, with enough spare time, I made a movie station, although this time many things and patent rights, the film is no exception, so a lot of movies ever made the webmaster said not to do small, do not make money, bigger is death, but there are still a lot of new movie website on the rise, although we can not and TOM365, the first to show these well-known brands, but as a hobby I chose to do a movie station below me, I make the movie station a month of experience, just want to contact a friend some help! read more

How to build a successful shopping website

The emergence of

e-commerce, both domestic and foreign Internet, has emerged a large number of online shopping sites. The competition is too intense, how to let users give priority to find their own web site. This is the question many administrators of shopping websites are thinking about.

e-commerce is an industry that is highly integrated with search engines, at least for the time being. Most of the users who want to shop online will first search for information about the items in the search engine, and finally find a supplier of products or services. read more

16 suggestions for improving web user experience

1, web site to open faster;

The opening speed of the

site directly affects how users feel about the sites they use. It’s hard to imagine what kind of feeling a web browser would give to a visitor for half a day. If it were me, I would leave right away and would not open the site again. Because such a website will delay my precious time, and it will seriously affect my mood. So try to avoid such slow Web browsing experience. Otherwise, it’s hard for users to like your site,.

2, try to limit the use of flash and pictures; read more

Big website burn money fight competition stationmaster where is the outlet

recently Ganji invested heavily in public transport, overwhelming television, Internet and other media advertising, not only triggered a "intense discussion donkey nets" do SEO topic awake, more let us see these big sites in the current financial promotion and competition in order to amazing when to invest. Similar to this, not to mention Baidu, Taobao, Alibaba and other large Internet giants strength to fight efforts in the burn, so as to the grassroots individual owners facing the competition situation, will undoubtedly be a greater pressure. read more

3 months to build Baidu included 5000 P10000 site

first point: not the industry veteran station mouth jide.

Last September

the QQ station ( station, after two months, Baidu algorithm updates, leading the rest of a home, after all Links stagnant, do site my station removed, anger and helpless, who let oneself of the station was pulled into the "bald chicken". And then busy other things on the station to forget, and busy two months later, and suddenly think of this station SITE, is still a home page. Decadent…… And then all day in the top of the Admin5 to read the articles of experts, stealing skills from one or two, there is the idea of revision of the site. read more