What are the skills of small commodity pricing net

how to operate a store, and the store is a very big price relationship. Moreover, the beginning of the shop, commodity pricing is an important work. In order to make the customer feel "cheap", we must master some pricing skills. Recently, the reporter interviewed a number of shopkeepers, summed up a few tips.

with small units such as tea 200 yuan per kg is set to yuan /25 grams, a bag of 70 yuan a kilogram of high-quality rice set to 3.5 yuan /500 grams, etc.. Or the price of the smaller units of goods, such as: the use of this refrigerator consumes only half a day, only 2 cents!

end of the year end sales experts to the retail price of goods with a small end of the practice known as the "non integer price method".

practice has proved that the "non integer price method" is indeed able to stimulate a good psychological response of consumers, access to clear operating results. For example, a can be set to 10 yuan of goods, you can set to $9.8. Although less than 2 cents, but more to stimulate consumer desire to buy.

with the "eye" digital according to foreign market survey found that, in the Business Flourishes shopping malls, supermarkets in the price of a commodity with numbers, sorted by the frequency of its use, in turn is 5, 8, 0, 3, 6, 9, 2, 4, 7, 1. Those with curved lines such as figures 5, 8, 0, 3, and so does not seem to have a feeling of excitement, easy for customers to accept; but not with the arc line numbers such as l, 7, 4 and so on, is not very popular." Experts say that in our country, and "8" are homonyms, 6 66: say, so popular.

customer pricing in Pittsburgh, the United States, there is a "Milio family restaurant," the food is priced by the customer. In the restaurant menu, not only dishes, vegetables, according to their own customer satisfaction of payment for meals, regardless of how many restaurants have no objection, if customers are not satisfied, you can not pay a cent.

but in fact, the vast majority of customers are able to pay, or even more. Of course, there are fewer payments, even in the gorge after the meal, do not give a penny, and the. But that is only a handful.

commodity pricing is reasonable, will play a very big impact on the development of the store business. So, if you want to make the business of the store really get prosperous operation, but also need to be able to master the skills of more commodity pricing. So, the above Xiaobian introduced the content, whether the store will help?

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