Beijing net loan platform needs to strengthen the management and the whole

we all like online loans, not only audit fast, but also to bring more convenience to people. Last week, Beijing’s financial regulators to the area’s net lending platform issued a " of credit information agency fact finding and rectification requirements" (hereinafter referred to as the "rectification requirements"), which specifically prohibit the net loan platform assets end docking financial exchange products, docking financial leasing company products, docking, docking, pawn factoring companies docking small loan companies, Guarantee Corporation and other forms of docking.

Based on the

of the CBRC in 2016 introduced the "business activity management information lending agency Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as "regulatory measures") understanding, as well as some executives of net loan platform business pawn industry research and communication, based on the "rectification requirements" is prohibited by the net loan platform joint leasing, pawning, factoring and other channels involved in asset securitization, asset securitization business.

rectification requirements, the real meaning is that the net loan platform can not be carried out and these external institutions to carry out asset securitization, asset securitization business or debt transfer business. The reason is that these businesses have been packaged, the borrower and the lender isolated, the two sides did not form a direct lending relationship, contrary to the original intention of the net loan regulation.

regulatory approach explicitly prohibit the net loan platform to carry out asset securitization business or to achieve the assets of the asset securitization, asset securitization, trust assets, fund shares and other forms of debt transfer behavior. In other words, the rectification requirements, in fact, is only the regulatory measures reiterated. The regulatory measures for the lending is clearly defined as the direct lending between individuals and individuals through the Internet platform, where individuals can be individuals, can also be legal persons or other organizations. And through the packaging of the above business.

loans need strict management, so that the majority of consumers to see the advantages, it is worthy of attention. Some assets Beijing net loan platform is a small loan company or pawn to recommend, the two sides through lending platform reached a direct lending business to avoid the misunderstanding or misinterpretation, the method is very simple: to carey understand the basic spirit of the regulatory net credit measures, more to the scene investigation of net loan platform, the depth of communication with regulators.

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