Beijing many traffic jams will improve the whole

traffic jam will make people very upset, especially in Beijing and other large cities, a traffic jam, the traffic will be paralyzed state, in Beijing this year, the 6 traffic jam will improve the situation. Beijing city will complete the 100 dredging project, which the city traffic Commission completed 20, completed 50 of six districts of the city government, Daxing District, Tongzhou District, Changping District, Fangshan District and Shunyi District City Development Zone 30.

6 at the old point of two in the ring road overpass. One is the 3rd Ring Rd Fenzhongsi bridge, a four loop Wanquanhe bridge. At present, two bridges have been dredging plan released.

minutes temple bridge is mainly on ramp. The bridge is located in the southeast Sanhuan and Beijing Shanghai high-speed intersection. People drove from north to south, about 150 meters, the first entrance into the high-speed passing by the 3rd Ring Rd, then ran out of three high-speed export. This "advanced" traffic organization mode, leading out of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed and ring road vehicles repeatedly intertwined, often appear "hard". This transformation will be the status of decreasing Beijing ring ramp radius, and the lateral directional ramp and new Beijing, Beijing in closed loop ramp entrance, the interchange entrance form to "first out backward", the maximum extent to avoid vehicle intertwined. Expected in October this year, the plugging point "hat".

Wanquanhe bridge is located in the North Fourth Ring Road West, north west direction of new highways department will be based on the existing overpass ramp away, a length of about 1.8 km. After the implementation of the project, the vehicle from the west to the north, not like now must pass under the bridge, and continuously through the 3 signalized intersection to turn north into the Wanquan River road." Wang Dong, the project is under construction, is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

in Beijing, the traffic jam is inevitable, and the limited number of pure no longer play any role, only the road renovation. Kazakhstan high-speed Huoxian import and export section will also be widened. Wang Dong introduction, the Toll Station Road intersection with the intersection of Beijing Tong Road, this road is an important way to contact the new town of Tongzhou and the southeast region, bear the task of collecting local traffic and transit traffic.

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