Edgar Snow tower ice cream good choice all successful entrepreneurs to join

brand ice cream to join the project choice, is a very powerful choice. Edgar Snow tower ice cream to join, all year round is made! Simple way to join the successful venture worthy of trust. Join the Edgar Snow tower of ice cream? Good project, good choice!

Edgar Snow tower

ice cream chain, such a beautiful name is also very meaningful. Edgar Snow tower ice cream name from the Swiss Alps in a beautiful, mysterious, towering steep peaks, known as Ai Gefeng. June 2012 Edgar Snow tower ice cream chain came to China, ready to develop the Chinese market, to become the strongest Chinese soft ice cream brand.

Edgar Snow tower

ice cream chain has many kinds of products available to consumers, it is mainly engaged in soft drinks, ice cream, ice cream and desserts collocation. All the raw materials are selected from Edgar Snow tower natural ice cream ice cream milk sauce on-site production, to bring you a healthy, fresh, taste great ice cream is the experience.

A mature product line and abundant products

Edgar Snow tower ice cream chain, at the same time the company has R & D department, the constant introduction of new products are, meet customer needs more. Edgar Snow tower raw materials for imported milk paste, sterile, 0, 0, 0 cream flavor curing agent, more healthy. Edgar Snow tower ice cream chain company is the United States "comepack" dairy manufacturers agents, in ensuring the quality of raw materials and reduce production cost.

joined Edgar Snow tower ice cream, fashion choice. Shop to make money, good business to no friends. If you join to Edgar Snow tower project is the heart of ice cream. Come and leave a message! Hurry up!

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