Moutai Dici jade wine how good brand trusted

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1995 won the first prize in the United States to commemorate the Panama World Expo Gold Medal and 80 anniversary of the special award, through China’s green food, organic food certification. 2008 sales reached 10 billion yuan, an annual increase in sales of the market by 20%.

and Moutai with water, Maotai Town Chishui River brewing; and with the platinum wine cellar, wine cellar and Jade Emperor gave Ge You’s endorsement of Moutai core health wine brand platinum wine a cellar, highlight its high-end quality.

the traditional brewing process, platinum Maotai liquor Moutai adhering to the traditional brewing process, step dragon song, Chongyang feeding, nine cooking, eight fermentation, seven from wine, high temperature koji, high temperature wine, long-term cellaring.

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