Home Furnishing jewelry stores decoration suggestions

open home jewelry stores, decoration is a key and difficult. In fact, the decoration reflects a lot of problems, sometimes you may not find, but it will affect the consumer’s overall impression of the store, so businesses can not be ignored. If you want to worry about the business, then choose the brand is a good choice, so that more worry about business.


storefront renovation third principle is to make the best use, is to make the best use of the resources of the old. Want to have good results, in addition to spending money, you can also use a little mind, looking for a beautiful and save money solutions. For example, a small shopkeepers rented a storefront, the ceiling had a frame across, but the above wire is an eyesore, so he put the ceiling painted brown, the middle of the room, with some plastic plants around, cover the wires, the cost is only 200 yuan. If it is installed chandeliers, and dismantle the hob, and change the line, will undoubtedly increase the number of renovation costs. In order to make the best use of it, it is very necessary to develop your brain.


In the decoration process of

play decoration composite effect.

mentioned decoration, people will naturally think of the style of decoration or determined according to the characteristics of different types of shops. The general purpose of the decoration, the main purpose is to achieve beautiful, clean or achieve a certain grade, or create a better atmosphere. For example, large home stores generally have luxurious appearance decoration, small home stores generally create a bright warm, elegant environment, which is the traditional sense of decoration.