Hefei provident fund center launched app mobile phone

in 16 years, Hefei prices have soared phenomenon, to people’s lives has brought great changes, so many people see how hard it is to buy a house in Hefei. This year, the Hefei fund center plans to increase support for the first suite of loans, to ensure that the need for home buyers.

Ensure that the

should make loan loan, in strict accordance with the "Paul limit two ban three" (Paul suites, two suites, three suites no limit) principle, the implementation of differentiated credit policy; the expansion of housing provident fund loans cooperation projects, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of workers. At the same time tamping should be paid to pay, the standard unit housing provident fund payment.

implementation of differentiated policies to support basic housing needs, to prevent the use of provident fund loans for speculative purchase." Hefei provident fund center said it would give play to the role of the housing accumulation fund system to solve the basic housing problem of low-income workers.

convenience platform for public service

in addition, will effectively ease the shortage of housing fund liquidity shortage. By carrying out replacement loans, tighten policy, expand the collection surface, improve standards, unified payment transfers of funds and commercial revolution and other ways, the city housing provident fund insufficient liquidity has eased, better play the role of housing provident fund system.

last year, Hefei launched a APP mobile phone housing provident fund, information workers paid by the provident fund deposit APP query and personal loans; 12329 SMS platform, timely to the public to send electronic bills, policy advocacy, overdue loans and personal reminder; trial for business registration system, reduce the waiting time for public service.

just for the room, people want to have their own house, but the Hefei real estate bureau out of the purchase of the policy, so that people settled in Hefei become difficult. Hefei provident fund center will promote the construction of "five in one" integrated service platform, based on the online service hall construction, with the help of "Internet plus", to build Hefei city housing provident fund website as the core.

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