Xinjiang Yecheng ndustrial Park how to solve the recruitment difficult

in the life of a lot of enterprises in the park to build a later, although the relevant facilities configuration is also relatively perfect, but it is difficult to attract a large number of people come to employment! In recent years, Yecheng County, Xinjiang Kashi area to the development of industry as the main channel to promote employment, promote employment through play park enterprises to absorb device, provide a lot of jobs for the local surplus labor, in solving the problem of local farmers and also resolve the menace from the rear, the park enterprise recruitment is difficult, hard labor. Problem. Currently, the Yecheng industrial park enterprises to absorb employment has reached 10997 people.

2016 years, the use of Yuanjiang County, Shanghai, more than 7000 yuan of funds, planning and construction covers an area of 230 acres, the construction of the Shanghai Industrial Park, the standard workshop of 28. At present, has been put into use, the occupancy of more than ten enterprises.

to the processing, production, sales, labor service uniforms and various clothing mainly Kashi Rebecca clothing Limited company, since May 2015 in Yecheng Industrial Park, Shanghai Industrial Park, at present, has absorbed the local staff of 320 people. Chairman Li Yanhong introduction: according to the company’s current development momentum, we intend to recruit 250 people or so, has reached capacity production, the annual output value is expected to reach about $30 million. Next, the company will also expand the scale of production, the use of Yecheng unique geographical advantages, to create a production and marketing industry development pattern."

Just pull the villagers together the cloth wood ·

Yecheng County Bai Xirekexiang cable; Abulimit after the previous 2 months of occupation skill training, has successy in the park enterprises in Kashi Rebecca clothing Limited company to find the work. Due to the action of skilled, young cloth together its wood · Abulimit is a technical expert on the company’s assembly line.

The wood ·

cloth together; Abulimit told reporters: "nearby will be able to find a job, wages according to the piecework system, do earn more than that. Work for nearly a year, the monthly income of 2000 yuan. Usually rest can also go home planting, the nearest work can not only save the rent, but also to take care of their families, very cost-effective."

price increases, we did not see how much improvement in wages, so many people choose the entrepreneurial way to change the status quo of their own moonlight clan! Xinjiang Yecheng industrial park how to solve recruitment difficult? The development of the industry as the main channel to promote employment, it is understood that in 2016, Yecheng county industrial output value of 5 billion 120 million yuan, an increase of 26.92%; realize the industrial added value of 1 billion 649 million yuan, an increase of 23.68%, the number of employment enterprise industrial park an increase of 3017, growth of 37.8%.

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