Shanghai public cultural festival officially launched the whole

in order to strengthen the understanding of the traditional culture of consumers, Shanghai people’s Cultural Festival started to give people a lot of understanding. 2017 Shanghai people’s Cultural Festival will be officially launched tomorrow, the city’s nearly a thousand cultural service day activities and more than 6000 spring activities will be opened on this day.

Public Cultural Festival this year to "lead the public cultural literacy" as the theme, the main push of Chinese traditional cultural knowledge contest, people dance competitions, public reading contest, public art, Choral Competition hit off the contest five municipal events.

the Chinese excellent traditional cultural knowledge contest will be carried out throughout the year, poetry, drama, folk festivals, traditional virtues such as all kinds of excellent traditional cultural knowledge, popularization, competition, and Chinese traditional culture "poetry group" has a profound knowledge of the invited scholars, Guo Chuanzhong, Li Dingguang, Fang smile, Yang Xianguo, step, Zhou Shengwei, Hu Zhonghang, kinhi Hou Tijian, Huang Yufeng, Cao Xu selected the first public tutor, the next year, they will be invited to the district in the city held a lecture series "poetry and life", and through the line on the platform of "cultural Shanghai cloud" recommends to the public, reading poetry.

a variety of activities, the people of Shanghai through activities, to experience, to bring more services. Shanghai people’s cultural festival in the form of lectures, games in the form of a combination of the choir to provide exchanges, display platform. Art Creation Contest will be carried out in the winter, for the whole society to collect outstanding creative works, art derivatives, found young curators, art designers.

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