Electric bicycle appeared in Beijing’s major area of whole

some time ago to share a bike of people’s attention, in major cities have, but in many cases, people feel the convenience of sharing a bike to bring you. In Beijing, the electric bicycle sharing has appeared in people’s sight, following the previous two shared electric car unveiled that yesterday was an emergency stop, and a 7 motorcycle white motorcycle start running in the city of Haidian District, Shijingshan District, Changping District, and the "supervision" attitude to establish communication channels of communication with regulators. At the same time, the bike had been halted a re coming out".

yesterday morning, in the vicinity of the Zhongguancun Software Park, a row of white body, red wheels of the bike caused people stop. Although the ordinary bike looks no different, but look carey, the body is equipped with a battery box with a black tail, also printed with eye-catching "electric bicycle sharing".

people scan the code to download APP ready early adopters. Enter the home page, the car before you need to enter the ID number, phone number and other information registration, and pay 299 yuan deposit. Normal car, 7 motorcycles through APP or WeChat sweep, or enter the two-dimensional code scanning body vehicle number, click immediately you can unlock the car ride, the whole operation process and share similar basic bicycle.

electric saving is right, can ride on a million dead? Reporters found that in the confirmation before unlocking, the screen will show the current residual power of the car, the number of kilometers available for driving, if the vehicle is not satisfied with the amount of electricity, the user can change a car to unlock. Users do not have to worry about the electricity, the background can be seen in real time the remaining power of each vehicle, and sent the operator to replace the battery in advance." Cui Xiaoqi, chief marketing officer of 7 motorcycles.

with the electric bicycle sharing can bring great changes to people’s lives, win people’s recognition. It is reported that 7 motorcycles are currently in Beijing, Changping District, Haidian District and Shijingshan District in some areas put the number of vehicles, will be the needs of the public, the continued increase in the amount of investment. Bike sharing with the stop is very convenient, but the ensuing Luantingluanfang problem has brought no small challenge to the city management. Yesterday, Beijing No. 7 motorcycles will be taken "designated area" to avoid luantingluanfang.

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