Sichuan spicy king chickenhotpot brand

In fact, there are a lot of food and beverage industry

suction gold project, such as pot class, what fish pot, chicken pot. This kind of food is not only delicious but also nutritious and healthy. Today we will talk about a special brand chickenhotpot project — Wang Sichuan spicy chicken pot.

in the late Qing Dynasty, the war. East Sichuan Dabashan Mountain stretches rugged, peak road risk, chaotic world interferes little, the closed flat. Many weary monarch chaos hermit have to move to live in. The war age, lack of iron. Locals use a black pot pot cooking food. Deep in the mountains, cliff cliffs, cattle, sheep little. Only the pheasant, pheasant all over the mountains and plains. With the pot cooked chicken is very popular in the local, chicken soup is a dish of local people in the home alone. Every family has a unique, distinctive.

Wang Sichuan spicy chicken pot used in this sauce for good chicken marinated, while special pot according to different tastes and requirements of the guests on-site baking, tender and tasty chicken taste, fragrance, taste fragrance around the lips, three days without a break. Sichuan spicy king chickenhotpot to meet the different tastes of customers, our company is specialized in different aquatic products, meat products, a sirloin pot ribs, turtle pot, Niu Wabao, and Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce fishhead with different types of special sauces, and have different approaches but equally satisfactory results chickenhotpot secret sauce.

Sichuan spicy king chickenhotpot brand

The secret ingredient of

Sichuan spicy hot pot is the king in the family history of hundred years in the mouth, through the generations, and constantly explore the consolidation, at the same time, the company according to the practice and experience of senior and Sichuan cuisine master for many years, Sichuan spicy king chickenhotpot experimenting with different characteristics of the formula, eventually making it fusion of Sichuan and Anhui two cuisine.

Sichuan spicy king chickenhotpot enjoy a unified brand support, at the same time, the company will invest a lot of advertising costs, according to the regional agents on the platform of the company headquarters, local media and other related promotion. Sichuan spicy hot pot in order to ensure the stability of the king management regional agents, at the same time, saving money on efficiency, combined with the practice of the local company sent professional and technical support staff with shop guide, help regional agents or sub franchisees work smoothly.


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