The catering market single goods you know the whole

fierce competition in the food and beverage market, of course, in order to win the war there is no strategic layout is not enough. Now a single product strategy has become the development trend of the China catering industry, so a single product, how much do you know? Xiaobian summed up the following points, so we pay more attention to the value of food items, and avoid disadvantages of catering single product in the process of widening horizons catering business single product design model.

first, the value of a single product

1. is conducive to food and beverage enterprises to focus on the key resources, the brand, culture, communication, services and products to achieve the ultimate, enhance consumer memory points;

2. is conducive to the introduction and rapid realization of food and beverage standardization, the formation of raw materials, processes, components, flavor and sell the same genetic structure, and steadily promote the chain expansion;

3. is conducive to the construction of efficient and complete supply chain system, set up procurement, processing, outsourcing, warehousing and logistics as one of the supply security system;

4. is conducive to the construction of professional barriers, accelerate the process of single product technology innovation, improve the patent, copyright, non heritage protection and other multi-dimensional firewall system;

5. is conducive to reducing the cost of raw materials, labor, equipment and other conventional costs, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the overall profit margins.

two, the definition of a single product

[narrow]: production is a traditional food and beverage industry, the history of many of the snack bar are such, such as selling pasta, desserts, etc..

[broad sense]: we believe that food and beverage products can be divided into the following categories:

1, food single product. Mainly refers to the use of a major ingredient, the selection of different processes, with one or more ingredients.

2, process single product. Mainly refers to the use of a core technology, a variety of materials, formed a series of products.

3, dishes single product. Refers to the sale of only one dish or staple food, with one or more dishes.

4, category single product. Refers to the company’s choice of conventional food in the breakdown of the product category, in particular, the edge of the traditional food category, to enlarge and focus on quality.

does not work, we will continue to classify the classification of food and beverage products format, please readers together building blocks.

three, the drawbacks of a single product