Do business must do the whole inventory management shop


is the owner of the shop, it is necessary to store everything inside the familiar, until the customer needs, you can get out in time. However, many of the store owners do not do this in the inventory management, obviously their own goods, when the customer needs, but can not get out, so I am afraid that the business can not get the customer’s affirmation. So, if it is to do business must do a good job in the inventory management.

boss, buy a 50 yuan a canal "a customer call door.

"well, to take but why I can’t find where the canal for you", you can still change the other smoke please, the canal may sell, Hongjinlong can?"

"OK", the customer or to speak, "well, take Hongjinlong to me, I do not bother to go to another store".

after payment is gone, I’ll look around, there are a few quiet canal was lying in the box. If the customer is not such a cigarette, I would not want to lose a business, although the business profit is not large, but what people need to think of me here again? Maybe not likely.

"boss, do you have a warm hand at home," neighbor Wang asked me all the way.

"let me see if there is any", when I find the goods that Wang needs. Xiao Wang has been carrying a child to another shop, eh, another business did not make, sent to the door did not own the next.

"boss, do you have any insoles to sell?" A big uncle asked.

", I will bring it to you ah" said to take the insole, clearly remember in which the wine box, but now anxious to sell it is how to find it, see this box, the double is not the son, it is more anxious to find no, but helpless to uncle said: "my store inventory sold out." The other goods were not brought up in the warehouse. Looked at the disappointment of the uncle left, I would like to look at the rest of the static, the insole on the hand next to the box in the hand, just how I did not find it?

several times to get the business because of their negligence but did not make the business, thus finding out the reasons for their own. Business is not very busy, customers need the goods also have no inventory, when the customer needs what goods, why is not the first time sure answer, after all problem is still in the inventory management. Their own goods do not have a very good way of inventory, as previously done in the unit is a financial accounting, warehouse management work I have to do a good job