Do business can not because of laziness effect to the sale of goods

to do business had to work hard, so that customers feel intimate service, this will make the business more popular. However, there are a lot of the shop owner is very lazy, do what is sitting in the seat is not willing to get up, how this does not affect the store business? Therefore, the business can not be affected because of lazy sales of goods.

the day before yesterday, I went to a shop to buy grain barley early in the morning, entered the shop owner saw sitting at the counter inside, with warm baked body. The arrival of the customer, he just looked at you, there is no too much courtesy.

I did not turn around to see the barley where, loudly asked: "boss, there is no seed?"

boss looked up at me and said, "on the left." Stand up and sit down, no more to say.

I looked for, but did not find the barley, and shouted: "boss, no barley ah, did not find."

"no, you look for it again," said the boss. I thought he would come and show me, but I still didn’t move.

I don’t want to find, so lazy boss how let me continue to consume! Was about to go out of the door, an old grandmother took her grandson came to buy a bag of starch, asked whether there is, but the boss still refers to the location of starch, or did not come to help the old lady. Finally, the old lady is also unable to find, I went to help her, in fact, starch in her hands, but she did not know the word, not sure.

indeed, when the weather is cold, if you can warm, many people do not want to move, however, if you do business, no doubt the development of the business is very unfavorable. And the boss in order to focus on heating, forget the most fundamental principles of doing business – the best service business philosophy". His lazy behavior affects the customer’s shopping mood, but also reduces the number of purchases. He is not only the loss of this opportunity, it may be the beginning of the collapse of the store.