nventory of goods to be able to skilly processing total

Spring Festival is selling goods, a lot of people will prepare some goods, however, the Spring Festival sales of major commodities who do not know. Many shops will form a stock, how to digest these stocks, it will be a lot of people worry about things. From the beginning of the new year, I began to inventory inventory, planning treatment program.

before the Spring Festival, tea stocks increased. I put them in the store for special promotions, and to the customer more recommended, more publicity, sold a part, but also reduce the pressure. 24 cans of a Wong Lo Kat herbal tea beverage sold out, and the 12 cans of a moving pin unhappy, I will be filled with 2 pieces of a special bag into a large package, these days sales momentum is very good.


to be able to sell more goods and the number of gifts, to spell a whole piece I press the whole package, then scattered out at. Don’t throw away the gift box, because some customers may need it.

has a stock, if not normal to digest, which will be extremely detrimental to the long-term development of the store. In short, as long as the inventory of goods handled skilly, but also to find a lot of good home". Moreover, once the inventory is resolved, the funds will not form a backlog, so that investors do not have to worry about money, business will naturally do better.