Happy star join Hamburg need how many money

The first

happy star burger saw at the side of the supermarket, the kids don’t love this burger. Titus. With the growing popularity of Western fast food culture, such as fried chicken fast-food hamburger gradually by the receiving, demand for fast food hamburger in the three or four line of the city is more and more big, the blank of Western fast food market, is a good time to start a business.

happy star join Hamburg is a good choice, happy star Hamburg Department of Shanghai Doushi Catering Management Co., the company’s high-quality Western fast-food franchise brand, the main products are hamburgers, fried chicken, French fries, chicken roll, snacks, ice cream, ice, milkshakes, Egg Tart, Smoothie, juice tea and other Western fast food since the beginning of the establishment of delicacy; with a happy, safe, delicious and quick for the direction of development, to concentrate on doing one thing, hard service class, a social enterprise trust. So how much is it to join the happy star burger?.

How much does it cost to join

happy star burger?

franchise fee is as follows:

1, concept store: expected 60 thousand yuan, 10-50 square meters

2, standard store: expected 120 thousand yuan, 51-120 square meters

3, image shop: expected 200 thousand yuan, 121-200 square meters

4, flagship store: expected 350 thousand yuan, 201-350 square meters

5, features compound restaurant: expected 600 thousand yuan, more than 350 square meters

above is to join the brand to join the cost, happy star Hamburg with its rich practical experience, professional food development formula, coordinate and standardize the operation and management philosophy, and constantly meet the needs of the market. To provide consumers with nutrition, health, delicious food, to meet the needs of every investor and consumer, enhance the company’s brand image and franchise market competitiveness.


above is the happy star to join Hamburg briefly, the fee of course, if you want to invest in the brand items, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.