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is now joining the beverage catering sector hot investment projects, seems to have become necessities in our life, natural investors to join the project is not to be missed such a good market, so many drinks brand investment choose what is good? Xiao Bian recommended for you I drink good products

drinks shop I choose to drink good? What are the advantages of our products? Look at the details below

join strong support

site evaluation: the professional marketing developers to assist franchisees site evaluation, and assist the investigation spot market environment, choose the highest price of the inn location, establish good environmental foundation for the franchisee business days after the store, the maximum to avoid investment risk.

shop decoration: you only need to provide the size of the store structure, we help you with the most common decoration materials to create the most cost-effective visual space.

professional training: before the opening of a set of professional training, senior training instructors for remedial teaching, combining theory and practice, the perfect nanny " " strengthen guidance; regular follow-up visits after the opening of the store operations, improve systematic training; one-stop system training process, standardized assessment, powerful to protect the franchisee to enhance the industry quality, quickly grasp the management and production skills, 100% assessment clearance rate.

advertising investment to provide online services, timely and effective assistance to the investment consulting Q & A, you become a of small assistant. In addition, web site promotion work in the major portals and search engines will be the mainstream through effective means, strict monitoring of the implementation process, timely promotion effect, enhance brand visibility, deepen brand image and expand customer groups. The use of strong media from the promotion of online and offline, and the use of the Internet to spread the effect of expanding the influence of the brand, and provide you with a variety of activities planning and brand related copywriting support.

brand rapid development

I drink good product standards and operating system in strict accordance with the standard implementation, we believe in a strong force sent catering management limited support, I drink good products in China will always be a fast and healthy growth trend. We should all over the country, the requirements of consumers, has accelerated to more cities to expand, will do a good job boutique shop, do big, made remarkable achievements. As of September 2009, just 4 years, the national franchise has reached more than 600.

market demand

2015 years, the characteristics of the beverage category, will get a lot of room for development, because of the weak growth of major brands, major categories of weak growth,

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