Open beverage shop should be how to run to the whole of talent shows itself

is very easy to drink in the interests of space, people make a good industry, all throughout the beverage stores high streets and back lanes, figure, to their own brand of talent shows itself not only have good products, and more have good management methods. So, for the first time entrepreneurs, how to operate in order to allow the beverage store in the fierce competition in the market occupy the first place? Need to do three points.

use good quality raw materials

taste good or bad is the key to repeat customers. A good taste of the store, but also not bustling word of mouth; but a bad taste of the stores, consumers not only eat once will not come back to the story of Qiu, trinidad.

beverage stores in nature is casual dining, although the drinks for the business block, if improper modulation, poor taste, consumers can easily transfer target, if plus the location is not good, significant is not high, the service is not considerate, closed shop failure probability is quite large!

want to retain customers will have a good taste, the modulation of the drinks have a few notes, one is to control the use of raw materials quality, taste good or bad depends on 70% or more, and then modulation ratio, time and other technical factors.


store something delicious, but also on a good impression to the guests to pull the store into the store, the store so charming is quite important, how to create a beverage shop charm, is the first set drinks store location, and then to store the image strategy, we will consider a beverage shop elements are described as follows: set the beverage stores the operating characteristics; consistent with the trend of the times to create a new index of regional business income.


the location, you can develop business strategies, for example, at what price, what media, service mode, store atmosphere, to store menu grid, to attract visitors, and estimates of revenue and investment cost. As the saying goes: the success of the shop, half depends on the prior agreement, Bing Yue company accumulated years of raw materials research and development and guidance owners shop experience, to assist the managers or to drink shops, become the regional industry leader, the pursuit of high profits.


to drink shop, the image can be divided into two parts of tangible and intangible, through the store image appeal, service personnel to deal with skills and good meal offers, etc., can maintain a good relationship with the customer.

in tangible terms, through the ordering of the categories, color, specifications and design don’t don’t don’t even do not made the effective combination and the price and the collocation, shop marked with POP counseling effect, and easy to form easy to see the dining space, therefore, must through the personnel, recommended

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