Kyrgyzstan Xiangxi shop out of the whole strategy

shop can make money, it is such a glorious era, but now has ended, many shops because the strategy has not changed, leading to a low business. In September 2006, my husband and I took over a convenience store, the shop has a name: Ji Xiangxi".

after nearly a year of efforts, by the end of 2007, we not only to borrow money to pay off the count when there is a deposit. Our hopes for the future, by the end of 2009, not far away, a large supermarket opened, my customers have to go shopping in the supermarket, our business is getting worse, often a day can do some business.

In May

2010, the customer manager Xie brought a proposal to our business guide. In Xie’s advice and help, we have improved the management ideas and service project.

first, improve the display of goods. We bought the supermarket shelves with optional, optional open self-help business model. Every morning, the shelves and counters wipe again, always maintain a good store hygiene, so that shelves and goods spotless. We also learn from the supermarket, the price of the goods are clearly marked, and strictly purchase the good, in the counter and shelves above the shop goods genuine, fake a compensable ten slogan. We also put candles, sewing kits, sleeve cage and other supermarkets do not have the goods placed in front of the store to facilitate customers.

secondly, to extend the operating time, expand business projects. Husband every morning in front of the shop on the stove to boil a pot of eggs, next to put some bread and milk for the office workers to start a simple breakfast. After 11 pm before closing, during the operation, the implementation of the call of the door-to-door service, even if it is a bag of salt, a bottle of vinegar, a box of cigarettes, a bottle of beer, as long as the customer to make a phone call, we will immediately send the goods to home. For many nearby residents busy, no time to buy food and so on, my husband and I also actively purchasing vegetables according to customer requirements.

again, in improving the quality of service at the same time, my husband and I focus on the family business: in the settlement of small commodities to erase the active fraction of children sent to the customer or a lollipop stick roll, the goods sent to driving customers on hand, help them save time. When the weather is good, we will be in the shop on both sides of the umbrella, put the seat, chess and mahjong table, while preparing tea and cups, to chat with customers enjoy.

business is not good, we can not do anything to change, but also need to combine the development of the times, people’s needs in a timely manner to make adjustments. Through these measures, our "Kyrgyzstan Xiangxi shop" gathered a lot of popularity, and gradually won back, tobacco, food, beverage and daily necessities sales gradually restored to the level of two years ago, out of the trough.


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