How to join Q jelly House a of drinks

when the night snack do you most love what ah! There must be some jelly. Even now has become the real work is still very love to eat jelly jelly? Has been children, students, young people, workers, etc. are Master mind love, especially young women, we become the main consumer groups, who love jelly, who can afford to buy consumer groups, natural money king unlimited! Q jelly house is based in Qingdao, Weihai, Dalian and other coastal cities for the production of seaweed cool frozen pure natural seaweed as raw materials, is now sold, without preservatives, so that consumers eat at ease, eat the characteristics of!

is rich in a variety of trace elements, puzzle, beauty, body building, enhance immunity, nutritional value is higher!

more humane, taste, pattern of their own election, sweet and sour tune!

is now done to eat, does not contain preservatives, clean and fresh taste!

rich products, thousands of tricks you choose!

Q jelly house drinks join policy:

brand support: strong brand awareness, and constantly enhance brand awareness, brand influence to effectively enhance the market competitiveness! Advertising support: perennial rolling on TV, newspapers, magazines, online advertising, investors enjoy the benefits of the company! Business guidance: customized sales promotion program, by senior people to guide the door opened! Equipment: set of machines, easy to use, -featured, stable quality.

training support: to invest in pre technical and operational training, guidance and re training, upgrade services. Product R & D: strong R & D of new products, through product differentiation, improve core competitiveness, leading competitors! Raw materials support: the company will provide free part of the production of jelly raw materials, in order to ensure that investors do not have the burden of opening! Year end support: according to the year-end assessment of the headquarters, the rebate or related incentives, held an annual meeting, the exchange of advanced experience! Decoration support: the company provides a unified renovation program! After sales service: after sales service radiation the whole country, the whole guide, let you shop without worry!

food market to join the project so much? Many large well-known brands have a strong market competitiveness, choose a good food to join the project, start their own business on the road can be, and then have the strongest brand strength again. So Q jelly house drinks is a very good choice to join. If you want to join us, remember to leave a message oh.

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