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Spring Festival selling time has passed, many shops have ushered in a downturn in business. In a word, in an instant, the coming season, there is a saying, "off-season market, seek sales season." This sentence shows that there is a low season, there is no off-season shop sales. How to do retail stores, the author summarizes the following points:

using 5S tools

for rectification of the shop, first is to store health clean-up, commodity rearrange, especially have a shelf life of goods in accordance with the FIFO principle of collation, re display, it is best to every corner of the window, only for the season sales of goods, to classify good.

guide consumer

those goods that are sorted out for season sales are now available for promotion. Off-season price advantage is also an important means to attract many consumers. Of course, not to fight a price war, for most goods, do some Thanksgiving feedback promotions, not only to attract consumers, but also play a good store brand, brand image.

because this time is not willing to promote the season so much, the market is less interference information, can be more smoothly into the market a cup of soup. The off-season not only can not sit still, but also must take the initiative to "hit", guide consumption, through the reasonable form of promotion, to stimulate the sales of stores, thus creating the off-season sales miracle.

strengthen communication and exchange

season shop operators, busy season are busy orders, may not have a lot of customer care. In the off-season can be considered to understand customer needs, for example, some customers will be to make tea, this time not to reject this time to strengthen customer relations, pay close attention to the social changes, may bring unexpected profits, but also to prepare for the season. Off-season can also do some convenience services, such as the collection of online shopping goods and so on, is an effective way to enhance customer relationships.

adjust commodity structure


season is necessary to re organize the source of goods, observe the surrounding market changes, such as around the new construction, we must organize workers for the use of goods, but also facilitate the off-season promotion of new products, adjust product structure.

innovation, looking for new profit growth point

design joint promotion, to achieve 1+1 > 2, but also to the tobacco sector to apply for promotional products to support, do some innovation, can be achieved at lower cost profit growth.

any business can not get out of the busy season of the circle, but if you want to have been successful

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