Treat customers need enthusiastic and honest shop

shop to do business, if you want to get the customer’s recognition, the best way is to make friends with customers, so that the store will be able to protect the business. 2012 New Year’s day, coincides with the Laba Festival, according to local customs, eat dumplings to celebrate the festival. At noon, I was busy making dumplings, mobile phone rang, a call from my old customers call, said: "on the evening of 2 tickets for me tomorrow, to smoke the morning of 2 sent to my shop, I packed together during the day, lest delay time".

"OK, OK, rest assured that the cigarettes you need are ready for you and will be delivered on time tomorrow morning." Hang up the phone, my heart is very happy, this is a good sign for the first day of the new year, a good luck is on customer service seriously earn.

customer home left far, there are two retail stores, cigarette goods than all of my shop, and why she had to detour to me?

I of the customer, from the first time a few years ago when we like friends chatted a home, how to buy cigarettes compared carey and I taught her how to identify the authenticity of cigarette, printing and retail card number view, my enthusiasm and frank let her completely convinced, and I put the phone to her, if something does not open, a phone call, I will give her to the home.

from then on, whether it is her own smoking, or bring home to relatives and friends, are scheduled to call early good; national day when she returned home, bought 23 cigarettes from me. The Spring Festival to go home for the new year, the phone book 35.

2 in the morning, I packed 35 cigarettes, sent her to the store, the smoke money face to face.

I joked with her: "go home with so many things, I worry about you, how do you want to take? If your home is near, I can help you back home."


is a joke, but she was very happy, said with a smile: "well, go to our hometown you are vip."

"well, must have the opportunity to visit, I returned to the store, get your stuff, I wish you a I wish you a happy voyage., early to wish you a happy new year!"

we go shopping with customers to our shop is the same psychological quality, satisfactory business is on the one hand, the business service attitude plays a key role; whether it is the first visit friends, often regulars or to shopping, always with a sincere and thoughtful service to receive them. You will win the hearts of customers, we will win their owner a good income.

if you shop in front of customers

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