Eastern people to promote educational activities

According to the requirements of learning while the investigation and reform, Chengdong District of the party members and cadres to find out in the study and education, listen to the views of the "four winds" problems and practical problems in accordance with the "people’s livelihood, accurate and relentless, tough" requirements, continue to force, to resolve, to highlight the effectiveness of educational practice.

to solve the problem of community residents travel. Heshengyuan district is only a 36 bus lines can be reached, and the interval time is longer, the community to ensure that the school, not to be late for work, need to half an hour to Kunlun Road near to the bus…… The garden community aware of the actual situation, held a meeting to study the plan, increase the bus or extension of bus lines and other issues with the provincial and municipal departments, the bus company co-ordination, has been extended to the door back, bus lines and Park District 23 road 21 Road, and effectively solve the masses of residents travel the difficult problem.

let "sick" enjoy special service. According to the actual area of 221 plant communities in Taining, the elderly vulnerable groups more, after a reasonable setting, in the district has set up a "community services zone" in Taining, and cooperative nuclear industry 221 Retired Personnel Management Bureau of Xining management office and 24 individual businesses signed a "service commitment", asked the merchant to "sick" and other groups, door-to-door service, widely praised by the masses.

48 households finally have a natural gas. Linjiaya community understand the No. 39 Qilian to supply 48 households within the district has no installation of natural gas, for the majority of residents daily life inconvenience situation, the timely convening of the Council of residents, and contact with the gas company, selected 2 residential households for matters of agent, signed "authorization for the book", after repeated coordination, contributed to the natural gas installation issues.

free for more than 150 people to send health. Dongguan community and the Armed Police Hospital, provincial people’s Hospital jointly organized the "pragmatic and incorruptible" theme clinic and mosque itinerant activities. During a total of more than and 150 passengers for the masses free clinic, Health issued more than and 300 copies of promotional materials, to win public praise.

helps poor college students get help. Kangle in the community that Bayi Road No. 32 college student Feng Meiqi family life particularly difficult situation, active contact area Wen Xin machinery factory boss Zhang Haisheng, to his home to send a $500 subsidy, and said that next month will come up with 400 yuan grants, until the students graduate, solve practical Feng Meiqi’s difficulties.


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