Workers’ Library becomes the brand of the enterprise culture construction in the Biological Park

Biological Park Committee in "close to the staff, the service employees" principle, to further promote the "Library of workers" construction, promote the learning organization, learning team, the construction of learning oriented enterprises, to build the park enterprises, "scholarly books, the library of workers" has become a cohesive gas image outside the building of enterprise culture brand. At present, the park has built a staff room demonstration 8, of which the national level of 1, the provincial level of the city level, 4, 3.

for the workers to meet the special needs of migrant workers is the basic spirit of culture, from 2010 onwards, the Committee for the construction of the park "Library of workers to make arrangements, to the point, step by step, based on the establishment of the first batch of 4 municipal" staff house "demonstration point, further play the cultural activity center of enterprise employees and existing enterprises in the reading room etc. position role, gradually promote and embody the" three focus on". Pay attention to the leadership of the organization, make implementation plan of housing construction, planning, implementation of specific responsibilities, the establishment of fixed assets card, account and transfer of registration; pay attention to the function of construction, in accordance with the "state, work together to promote the" principle, to raise funds, books and equipment, take a little higher, to help enterprises dial a point, a worker point the way for the construction of software and hardware requirements of "staff house" has 30 square meters of area, good indoor ventilation and lighting, can provide seating for about 15 people, there should be a book collection of more than 2000, more than 10 kinds of newspapers, with the Internet computer, do books regularly add updates; paying attention to the connotation construction, in the "housing", "open reading area, leisure area and communication area" function and space, through the development of book reviews, reading lectures, reading salon and other activities, to spread Into the culture, the popularization of scientific and technological knowledge, and guide workers to develop a love reading, reading good books, good reading, a good habit, opened the door to the wisdom of workers, stimulate innovation and creativity of workers. (author: Ye Wenjuan Chen Zhanhong)

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