North or south of the two mountain greening regulations or upgrade

"Xining north and south two mountain greening Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") promulgated 23 years, to accelerate the greening of the city made distinctions won in battle. However, with the changes in the situation of the two mountains and green mountains and rivers, the Ordinance has been unable to adapt to the actual management of the current North and south two mountains green. This "Regulations" where to go? Recently, the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee law enforcement organization City People’s Congress, legal experts on how to amend the Ordinance conducted a comprehensive survey.

"now has two north-south mountain by green to green management, suggestions will be" Xining City North and south two mountain greening Ordinance "revised" Xining City North and south of the two mountain green management Ordinance "," green management and indivisible, the revised "Regulations" should also talk about green management "," North and south two green mountain has begun to take shape, now to strengthen management"…… The Municipal People’s Congress delegates have said that the "Regulations" is an important basis to strengthen the North-South mountain green planning and management and administration according to law, the "Regulations" the promulgation of the North-South mountain green under the rule of law, to speed up the Xining area of green construction, improve the ecological environment, plays an important role.

but because of a series of national and provincial forestry greening has issued the regulations and policy, there is a conflict with the "Regulations" in the definition of the content, coupled with the overall plan of current north-south mountain green practice has been completely break the original formulation of the South and North Mountain greening projects, especially the North-South mountain green work center the transfer has occurred, and the provincial government, the provincial government and the municipal Party committee and location of the North-South Mountain Green has new changes. Municipal People’s Congress agreed that the revised regulations, very urgent".

full investigation, the Municipal People’s Congress suggested: Revised "Regulations" to modify the North-South green mountain range, to further clarify the aim and position of the North-South mountain green, to the north and South Mountain management agencies to further clarify the provisions of green management, and on returning farmland to forest management and protection, punishment, greening grazing contractor land use rights were clear. (author: Sheng Nan)

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