Municipal Party committee issued opinions on the implementation of Party History

Recently, the Xining municipal Party committee issued the "opinions" on strengthening and improving Party work under the new situation, the party to work under the new situation of the guiding ideology, basic requirements, main tasks and safeguard measures.

"opinions" stressed that the guiding principles for future work in a period of history in our city is: we must hold high the great banner of socialism Chinese, adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, closely linked with Comrade Xi Jinping as the new requirements for the work party general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the work around municipal center, in-depth study of the history of the party, to seriously study the history of the party, comprehensive promotion of the history of the party, give full play to Shi Jian today, to educate people, to further improve the party work of social awareness and scientific level, effectively play the history work in accelerating the life of the city, the city of happiness "construction. "Opinions" pointed out the basic requirements of good party work, and from the five aspects of the main task of party work in our city in the next few years: one is to continue to strengthen local Party writing and mentor special work. Two is to carry out the party history education, improve the ideological quality and ability of Party members and cadres. Three is to expand the party history propaganda, popularization of party history knowledge. Four is to do a good job of party history, strengthen the protection of historical sites. Five is to seize the data reorganization, properly preserve the party’s historical wealth. "Opinions" also do a good job under the new situation of the work of the history of the security measures put forward specific requirements.  

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