Enhance the well being of the people in urban areas to learn and publicize the implementation of the

After the closure of the eighteen party

victory, the rapid rise of the province around the study and implement the spirit of the upsurge of the eighteen. In November 20th, the city of Xining City District held the eighteen Party’s spirit of propaganda mobilization meeting, the jurisdiction of 300 organs, to the streets (township), community (Village) cadres and Party members and representatives. I, eighteen representatives of city, district party secretary Su Leihong in eighteen from the overall feel, the assembly of the entire process, eighteen main features and highlights of the study and implementation of the spirit of the eighteen aspects of the speech.

Su Leihong said the leaders attach importance to learning, grasping innovative ideas, combined with the actual implementation of grasping, grasping thinkand catch people’s livelihood, change the style of pragmatic, overall grasp grasping summary, through extensive study and implementation, the majority of Party members and cadres of the masses of all ethnic groups in the thinking and action of the eighteen spirit, cohesion to achieve the eighteen set the goal up to work eighteen to implement the spirit of the region to grasp the development, grasping the project, grasping stability, to catch people’s livelihood.

central will be closely linked to ideas and practical work, to study and publicize and implement the spirit of eighteen, and the implementation of the twelve provincial Party Congress, the thirteen Party Congress in Xining, Chengzhong District, the fifteen Party Congress deployed together, in-depth implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, in the optimization of industrial structure, the implementation of major projects, construction management, fine promote the urban and rural integration, improve people’s livelihood and well-being efforts, seeking a breakthrough. Take, take on work, further emancipate the mind, the courage to take responsibility, to spare no effort to catch up, and strive to achieve self realization of leap development more quality, more efficiency, more sustainable. The combination of the twelve provincial Party Congress put forward the "two new" target, "three zone" strategy and the new spirit of Qinghai, combined with the thirteen Party Congress in Xining to determine the "two city", "five three" project, with "a central axis two" strategy, "sparse south live", in full the new idea and thought, standing on a higher starting point, a higher level, to implement the spirit of eighteen. At the same time, the city will be thinking and action to the spirit of the eighteen, to further change the style of work, promote the central region to accelerate the development, change the way to improve the pace of people’s livelihood, efforts to improve people’s well-being. To learn the spirit of eighteen as the driving force for Limin of strategy, do more people, many people worry about the solution, each party cadres should conscientiously analyze 1 to 2 specific things, really do 1 to 2 things. The perfect and promote the development of people’s livelihood and implement a long-term mechanism to do practical things, to promote the work and service level of the new upgrade, and ultimately to education, employment, medical and old-age care, home has lived in the "Five" goal. To study and implement the spirit of eighteen and year-end summary work both, carefully organized to learn the spirit of eighteen at the same time, serious preparations for a good eighteen and twelve provincial Party Congress spirit to seriously study and implement the party’s cadres, earnestly masses service grass-roots work of democratic life as the theme of the meeting; in order to learn eighteen the new development plan, "as the theme, around 10 of the district theory retreat, actively seek;

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