Another major power transmission and transformation project started

in July 22nd, a total investment of 3 billion 758 million yuan in Qinghai power grid interconnection project, Golog and Tara 750 thousand kV power transmission project started at the same time the mobilization meeting held in Xining, Republic of three, respectively. It is reported that the transmission line length of 990.3 km, with an average altitude of 4000 meters, 3 times across the the Yellow River district is after the Qinghai Tibet networking project, Yushu networking project, a major project in Qinghai is a very challenging.
Golog and main Qinghai networking project, Tara 750 thousand kV power transmission project is the central support for the national economic and social development, promote the important landmark projects steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood, policy, project, feasibility study and a smooth start, supported by the National Development and Reform Commission and the provincial government and, the central budget investment of 1 billion 247 million yuan. According to the plan, the project will be completed and put into operation in October 30, 2016, marking the Qinghai to 750 thousand V for the initial formation of new structure of power grid backbone, 330 thousand V to give priority to network, and promote the development of green Hainan power grid in 330 thousand volt age, banma, Jigzhi, achieve three county Maduo power grid and Qinghai power grid connected, completely solve the power shortage the problem facing long-term local.


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