Beautiful Shanxi excellent photography exhibition in Xining

In order to support the cultural construction in ethnic border areas, the Ministry of culture, the Central Civilization Office jointly organized the implementation of the "spring project" national culture volunteer border area activities in various forms in ethnic frontier regions in mainland China and build a cultural bridge, promote the provincial cultural exchanges, to feel the power of culture, promote the ethnic harmony. Hukou Waterfall, Taihang Mountain, Pingyao County, Lvliang mountain majestic…… In the photographic works. In June 27th, the "beautiful Shanxi" Shanxi province network photography exhibition of outstanding works in the city of West District Cultural Arts center. This marks the opening of the two provinces of Shanxi, Qinghai in 2015, the Spring Festival project Shanxi cultural volunteers Qinghai line activities.

"beautiful Shanxi" the Shanxi province network photography exhibition of outstanding works is the Shanxi Provincial Department of culture, Ministry of culture, in accordance with the "spring project" requirements, focus on the implementation of a culture of Shanxi volunteer service project. The exhibition is divided into "beautiful Shanxi", "hometown Shanxi" and "Shanxi dream" 3 forum, exhibition of 200 works, from a different side to show the land of Shanxi magnificent and unique cultural landscape, rich and colorful cultural heritage, simple folk customs and unique beauty of Shanxi new era. The exhibition is organized by the Shanxi Provincial Department of culture, the Qinghai Provincial Department of culture and press and publication, the Shanxi Provincial People’s Art Museum, Qinghai cultural center and other contractors.  

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