Xining North District actively cultivate the characteristics of the service area

this year, Xining City District adhere to the strong industrial area, three rich area, relying on state-level high-tech industrial zone, Xichuan metro development engine to accelerate the development of strategic development, closely around the city’s "North superior", highlighting the shopping, leisure and cultural characteristics, the introduction of a number of commodity circulation, finance and insurance intermediary services, etc. leading enterprises through technological innovation, industrial restructuring, and actively cultivate the consumer market and economic growth.

on the development of Qinghai Chaoyang logistics park, Chaoyang Road and Chaoyang Street commercial street business cultural construction as a breakthrough, to catering, accommodation, cultural construction, service industry as the leading industry in Chaoyang logistics park business cultural services district. The high tech Industrial Park and Industrial Park, biological equipment manufacturing park, University of science and Technology Demonstration Park Park consumer demand, and actively guide the catering, retail and entertainment companies settled around the park, the park service business development business, service industry, circulation industry. The flow of population, living around the Xigang company staff level surrounding areas of production and life, culture and entertainment consumption demand, in the large enterprise services District three of the village located in the development of life information distribution service industry "". Create a number of characteristics, highlighting humanities heritage and charming rural village in Xichuan area, with the construction of the plateau Baoziwan area ecological agriculture demonstration garden as an opportunity to create a fashion, entertainment, science, folk culture, leisure and Tourism Promotion Center picking recognized species and tourism sightseeing characteristics.

at the same time, actively build the Beichuan River Service district. According to the Beichuan River (core area) the whole renovation project planning and comprehensive management of a nuclear five "construction, commercial and financial center relying on the surrounding Biotechnology Park, Chaoyang Park and Qinghai University logistics park, to build the core business, livable, Binhai commercial and Cultural District, wetland park, leisure resorts, residential area.


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