Xining go all out to start the work of migrant workers wages

since January this year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of human resources and Social Security Bureau of labor supervision department of migrant workers wages 33 million 410 thousand yuan, involving a total of 4491 people, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers.

it is understood that the labor security departments in three counties of Xining city human resources and Social Security Bureau with the four district to seize the characteristics of the project payment settlement period and the high incidence of migrant workers wage arrears since the beginning of winter, launched a comprehensive investigation on the use of various types of the employer to pay the wages of migrant workers, labor contract signing, on key industries and key areas for people unit to check, in the past years occurred in the enterprise sent inspection, pay the wages of migrant workers in a timely manner; deposit payment, payment and refund process is reasonable and convenient, more perfect system. To increase the overall supervision of the construction industry, the construction area of migrant workers pay margin system and the construction of labor wages management approach effective convergence. Construction units for the migrant workers payroll accounts and handling payroll cards for effective workers; require the construction unit commitment supervision of construction enterprises to do the wages of migrant workers, such as wage arrears, will be jointly and severally liable for the construction enterprises; commitment to strictly enforce the "labor wage management measures", the establishment of migrant workers roster and payroll ledger, real name system, by the bank to pay wages, wage arrears; for the first time will be included in the court of the special law enforcement inspection of member units, police and court departments responsible for the alleged acts of refusing to pay labor remuneration crime investigation, the court established to defend the rights of migrant workers Easy Access, to apply for compulsory enforcement and wages crime cases concluded as soon as possible.


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