National Day Cultural Square children’s special performances perfect ending

Three day national day square cultural activities performed in the children’s session came to a close, provided a stage for the performance of open up a fresh outlook for the children, but also to many parents of children sit up and take notice.

in the afternoon of October 3rd, after the warm sunshine of Xining, many parents have moved a stool in the central square, waiting for children’s special performances. The big stage of the background, to the children for the performance of the parents, looks like the children will be more nervous than the upcoming games, a parent before the child is about to play and shook hands with the child.

children’s performance is undoubtedly to the children to learn from each other, play each other stage. The children sat around the people around the stage to see the show, see guzheng, erhu, electronic organ and other performances, not to mention the envy of the children, and even some parents are feeling!"

In addition to the wonderful performance of

, people on both sides of the stage of cultural activities schedule, but also many people feel very warm. Citizen culture chapter said that after the square to see the program schedule, we know that the show starts at a few points, no longer have to worry about missing the show, and now more and more close to the cultural activities of the masses.

during the National Day holiday, jointly organized by the Xining Municipal Cultural Bureau of radio and television, cultural centers, the four district of Xining City Art Museum of cultural activities left a deep impression to the public, especially in the last game of children’s performances, let people enjoy the visual feast at the same time, but also to the efforts of the children on weekdays in a dream the stage. "After the show, the kids said they had to learn a little more, and it was a lot of fun." Some people say. (author: Ma Rong)


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