Go to the disaster area by the Ministry of public security on duty Xining police reward

days ago, the Ministry of public security to participate in earthquake relief work around the Sichuan Police SWAT team and all the police give commendation to Sichuan Province, Xining police commendation.

it is understood that the SWAT team to Sichuan mission, is the public security SWAT team since its establishment in 2005, most police stressed the most widely, the largest span, the fastest, the most difficult time, to create a successful large-scale transfer of police and public security organs a collaborative operation, has important significance in the milepost type the SWAT team construction history. "5· 12" after the Wenchuan earthquake, the Ministry of public security has mobilized a total of nearly 9000 public security SWAT team rushed to the disaster area to carry out the rescue, maintenance of social order and service to the masses, and other tasks of the 33. Statistics show that SWAT team during the seizure of all kinds of cases 646 cases, arrested the criminal suspects in, criminal cases in Sichuan fell by 55%, public security cases fell by 41%. And also, the SWAT team to the disaster areas to solve problems, to provide services for 63 thousand times, the mediation of disputes over 7300, donations to the disaster areas worth more than 360 yuan. Due to the excellent performance, in two months, Sichuan SWAT team received a total of the community and the masses presented a banner 919, thanks to the letter 646, people spontaneously condolences SWAT team of more than 400 batches.

Xining police went to the disaster area for more than a month, and resolutely overcome all kinds of difficulties, to carry out rescue, to rush to transport relief supplies, to maintain social order, closely guard the key goal, enthusiastic service to people in the disaster areas, the successful completion of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the Ministry of public security to task, has won wide acclaim from the masses.


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