Fire fighting and rescue Xining fire contest is good

to extinguish the fire, rescue, small to remove, remove the hornet’s nest card hand ring, fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene and will successfully solve all kinds of problems. In October 19th, Xining city police fire brigade in the show "clear fire" really work at the same time, opened the prelude to this year equipment operation competition.

19, 9 pm, a prelude to the Xining city police fire brigade equipment operation contest opened in 2011 in Swat brigade camp, from the county 9 teams of players, all in fine fig leader led, in the filed of admission. With the equipment in order, explaining, blindfolded assembly air respirator players first in a fierce competition.

reporter in the mongolianeye assembled air respirator game scene, the players in front of the venue, were placed in mask and airway, a cylinder, a back frame air respirator accessories, players must be fully covered in the eyes of the case, with the fastest speed of the assembled breathing apparatus, and back to the body. These people seem to be difficult to complete the task of the ordinary, a few skills Superman team took only half a minute to complete the. In the rescue scene, the two members of the use of hydraulic rescue tools, not only to remove the obstacles in the short time this, but also with multi-function hydraulic clamp will break down in the channel with beer bottles, intact in the specified position…… Every game is tight and orderly, and all the players and referees are busy and serious.

"rescue scene ‘omnipotent’ performance from the daily perseverance of the practice, today ‘s contest on the field is in order to better complete the task in the future." Xining public security fire brigade detachment, the president of the General Assembly President Peng Jianhong said. In the two days of competition, from the county fire elite will participate in the test, theoretical explanation, remote control equipment remote water jet water cannon shooting competitions in 6 projects. Compared with the previous competition, the competition highlights the basic equipment, equipment, operational efficiency and combat effectiveness.


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