Joint meeting of the provincial community construction work

5 17, the joint meeting of the provincial community construction work. The meeting heard "12th Five-Year" the province’s community construction work report, put forward the principle of "13th Five-Year", review the relevant documents. Vice governor Kuang Yong presided over the meeting.

the meeting pointed out that the "12th Five-Year" period, community work in consolidating the party’s ruling basis, promote the expansion of democracy at the grassroots level, to undertake public service, strengthen grassroots social governance, play party and the government and the people of bridges, played an irreplaceable role.

meeting the requirements of this year is "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, the members of the unit to summarize the experience of community building, in-depth research, scientific study situation, clarify ideas, clear focus, put forward some innovative measures, scientific planning the deployment of "task" in 13th Five-Year the community construction work; to promote synergy, the burden of rural community the pilot of community construction and urban and rural community consultation key work; to lead the unit in the community public service facilities and orderly open to residents to community party, guide unit in the community and the community residents to actively participate in community construction, the formation of a new pattern of community governance, a domain, resource sharing, to build a total in the. To effectively solve the problem of serving the masses last mile. To meet the residents’ diverse services demand; to make use of "Internet +" mode of thinking, the integration of online and offline resources, built with good service integrated management information platform for the community, to provide convenient and efficient service for the residents of the masses.


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