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Fair education, livable urban environment, convenient travel…… Each of these can make us happier. In the government work report, we see the next five years, the total amount of infrastructure construction in our province will be more than 12th Five-Year, Qinghai people will get what kind of people’s livelihood spree? Railway, highway, airport construction of the new changes in the life of the people of Qinghai will bring about what kind of change? In order to get these answers, the reporter connects the twelve session of the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial people’s Congress, Wu Haikun, director of the provincial people’s Congress of the five meeting of the provincial people’s Congress, director of the Department of transportation, said the filial piety, to talk about those things have to say on the traffic.

this year to the West into railway construction

– one point: West Railway is expected to start building. Chengdu spicy hot pot, suitable climate, Chengdu people forthright character, so many people like to go to Chengdu on vacation, and even buy a house, or even buy a house on the other side of the world. With the future of the West into the building of the railway, the people of Qinghai will achieve 5 hours to reach Chengdu, the provinces such as stopping. West into the railway is included in the national eight horizontal eight vertical high-speed road network in the west of the most vertical. After the completion of the high-speed rail line, Qinghai people to Chengdu, Sichuan, no longer through the Lanzhou, can be directly through the territory of our province arrived. And in accordance with the high-speed rail travel speed, Qinghai people can go to Chengdu about 5 hours. Currently the project is being carried out program selection, and strive to start construction in 2016.

– two things: grid library railway connecting Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu: This is an advance in the northwest and east-west route, our province will accelerate the pace of construction of it. Golmud Railway – grid library south station leads westward along the line of highway 303 through the Hexi farm, Wutumeiren, Ganson, mangnai lake, crossing the east by Chai Shan, Huatugou, across the Altyn Mountains, the Xinjiang Yuli County and Ruoqiang County, Korla City, to the end point. Set up a total of 90 stations, the initial set of 38, the territory of Qinghai, the final realization of the province and Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu and other regions are closely linked, along the ethnic minority and underdeveloped areas of economic and social development.

– point three: Xining, Golmud two hub. With the future of Xining to Korla railway, Xining to Dunhuang railway, Xining to Chengdu railway completed, Xining will become the hub of the northwest region, and can be tightly connected with the caojiabao airport, the formation of three-dimensional traffic pattern. While Golmud will also become a Grand Cross Railway connected Tibet, Xinjiang, Gansu, Xining, Chengdu, Hexi corridor. Golmud integrated transport hub construction, is to set up in Golmud railway passenger transport, public transport, long-distance passenger transport, tourist buses, taxis, cars and other modes of transport as one of the project.


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