Datong County Propaganda Department inspection Doreen the first half of the town of spiritual civili

8 28 afternoon, Datong County propaganda department vice minister Comrade Sun Jing led groups of inspectors to inspect and guide the work of creating members of the town, the first half of the armed Doreen theory of spiritual civilization construction and civilized county.

groups of inspectors in the debrief, access to information on the armed forces, Doreen town theory of the construction of spiritual civilization and civilized county to create work progress to a certain affirmation, is made with the guidance to the work: one is to further strengthen the construction of learning party organization. Two is the work of the work of the work of civilization and create a detailed classification of the file storage, easy to find work efficiency. Three is to strengthen the town billboards, cultural walls and other hardware facilities. Finally, the Inspectorate accompanied by Party secretary Comrade Zhang Shengfu to the town of Lin Zhen Tu characteristic Liangjia Village Construction of the village committee office building, the colorful cultural square, culture room, farm house tour guide. And the work of the future placed a high expectations, to better meet the eighteen big meeting.


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