Lake race has become a grand festival for the people of Xining Jin Jiuchen vice mayor of Xining

"The lake race shows international events with strong appeal, since the summer of 2002, like the Colorful streamers flowing along the way, not only become Qinghai people’s festival, is a grand festival for the people of Xining in mind."

speaking of influence around the race to the local economic and social development, Xining City Vice Mayor Jin Jiuchen.

in gold Jiuchen view, in recent years, the popularity and reputation of the beauty of Qinghai, the joy of summer "continuous improvement. It can be said that the lake race is China’s rising landscape sports representatives. People watching the bicycle race, not only concerned about the event itself, but also enjoy the natural and cultural landscape along the road. In particular, every lake race by CCTV broadcast live, not only for the exciting events into thousands of households, through the television media at the same time, Xining’s unique natural scenery, rich cultural customs and strong cultural end rhyme, also entered people’s life into people’s minds, so that everyone on the great beauty of Qinghai, summer Xining more than a bit of reverie and yearning.

Kim believes that the most direct contribution of sports events to the tourism industry. Around the lake directly and greatly stimulated the development of tourism in Xining. 2013, Xining received a total of 13 million 70 thousand tourists at home and abroad, the total tourism revenue of $10 billion 80 million. With the improvement of the level of the lake race, the domestic and foreign tourists to Qinghai tourism grew exponentially every year. In the first round of the tournament held in 2002, the province’s tourism revenue of less than 1 billion yuan, to Qinghai tourism only about about 1000000 people. By 2013, the province received 17 million 804 thousand and 300 tourists at home and abroad, the total tourism revenue of $15 billion 854 million. According to the professional evaluation of Shanghai Institute of Physical Education Research Center hosted the event, as the Lake Race opening and city criterium, the lake race for the city of Xining to create the highest economic benefit, total economic benefits in 2013 56.11%, close to 80 million yuan. In addition to tourism, but also directly stimulate the Xining Hotel, catering, transportation, retail trade, communications, etc..

gold Jiuchen certainly has been around the race with "green, humane, harmonious" as the theme, it let people enjoy the happiness in the game, keep healthy in motion, leading more people to choose green low-carbon lifestyle. In recent years, the development and progress of the Lake Race makes him clearly feel the concept of people and the degree of civilization has changed dramatically. Because, in Qinghai, which has not been able to participate in activities like the lake so popular, so extensive participation. The influence and impetus, China vast land, cycling, leisure and health just unfolding rise of various inside and outside the province; the bicycle club than expected; the season, we can see some of the young people in the streets of Xining cool riding equipment, and participating in Bimei; nowadays, there are more and more people advocate bicycle slow low carbon life. While Xining and Xining are at the stage of criterium, street town, wherever he went, all lined the streets to cheer. All this shows a successful;

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