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yesterday wrote an article "what is the detailed cross link cross links", I believe many of my friends have read this article, there are a lot of friends with my QQ and I exchange this problem. Since the cross link Links is better than ordinary, that is where? Cross links in the end what effect? This is what I want to say today.

said the cross link effect, so someone must have to ask the use of cross links in what circumstances? Because most people are still reluctant to cross link exchange. According to the exchange of experience, the following general situation is more suitable for cross links.

A. made the industry more popular, relatively high degree of competition.


to improve the weight of a page

is my understanding of cross links and the actual operation experience, think cross links have the following two points:

like I do now the industry is a relatively high degree of competition in the industry, so to make the site in such a hot industry needs talent shows itself a strong chain support. Because the number of a website can change the Links is limited, when the number of outbound links exceeds a certain range of exchange Links rarely someone and you, then the choice is to be able to cross link. The writer also mentioned in yesterday’s article, not only refers to the cross cross links between web sites, but the cross hands resources. You can take their own resources and others in the station, you can also get other things. For example: text, on its website included web pages and so on to others and others to change.

We all know that

if you have a new home or a very popular page to quickly increase weight, then you can try the cross link. For example: you have the old station a PR3, then a new PR0, then you can go to the link to others high weights of the station with the old station of the PR3, and then let others with high weights of the station to link your new sites, so you can quickly upgrade the new weight and high ranking. There is a station with cross links, is the weight you want to improve yourself in a station page, then you can use your own homepage to link others site home page or inside pages, and then he let others use the homepage will link you to the promotion of the page. But no matter how the exchange is a way, using cross links to improve the overall weight of page and website is the best choice.

1. upgrade faster ranking

want to quickly improve website ranking will increase the weight of the website, and increase the weight of the website you need to link to transfer the weight, which is why we do not stop every day to send the chain and exchange links. Since the weight is passed through the link, the number of outbound links site should be as small as possible, but this point cross links may just do it.


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