Love the latest Shanghai pomegranate algorithm to individual stationmaster what enlightenment

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May 17th love Shanghai updated the new algorithm, the pop-up ads website had a hit, called pomegranate algorithm. Pomegranate algorithm released in personal webmaster did not cause too much volatility, like the last Scindapsus algorithm that cause too high attention, perhaps through so many love Shanghai update, the webmaster heart really calmed down.

love Shanghai new algorithm will next is what will hit what kind of speculation, I still think. But obviously love Shanghai algorithm is constantly improving, and the outer chain forum signature like the previous, although at that time can quickly improve website ranking, but it is still tricky way, will be in love with Shanghai remediation. So in order to long-term and stable ranking, webmaster friends or get through reasonable methods to improve website ranking is better, and constantly improve their own website, let us to love Shanghai

fell in love with the sea turndowns chain and the denial of pop ads, clearly gives the webmaster a revelation: obediently do website content and user experience to attract users to click, do not have too much to hope that through huahuachangzi loopholes in the rules to improve the ranking and increase advertising effect. We all know the chain before the effect is very good in the rankings, the site through the chain issued abroad to achieve a website content was reprinted in the illusion, deceive the search engine in order to improve the ranking. This method for users can be said to be no good, but there are many websites without what substantive content, through a large number of the chain to get a good ranking, this is clearly contrary to the original intention of the search engine ranking good site, not because of the role of the user, but because of the chain. Finally the chain is love blow to Shanghai, we can see that love Shanghai hope to make the content of the website and the user experience determines the website ranking determination.

pop-up ads when browsing the web is we most want to see things, I do not dislike advertising, but I dislike like pop ads that severely affects the browsing experience of advertising. In my impression of pop ads more in yellow website and all the customers, so every time I see it will not clean this website "that means". Like this seriously affect the user experience and love the things Shanghai naturally do not want to let the ranking it too close, so the pomegranate algorithm in my opinion is very necessary and be long in coming, and we can also see that love Shanghai hopes to improve an algorithm, to purify the self search engine show website, hope finally, search ranking is the user really want, rather than rely on a variety of cheating or other methods to website rankings do go up, to increase website traffic, increase advertising effect. At this point, hope to do better with the sea.

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