How to fly all over the sky of Shanghai dragon rookie from Shanghai dragon article draw nutrition co

often go to the webmaster gateway friends must have felt today Shanghai Longfeng articles have a flood point. In some Webmaster Platform even began to reduce the audit of Shanghai dragon, because this kind of article is too much, the similarity is too high. This also led to a lot of Shanghai dragon rookie don’t know what to choose content to enrich their own content, even don’t know who is right. In fact, as the Shanghai dragon rookie we do not have too much confusion, views and understanding of the so-called Shanghai dragon article is from other people, we can learn from in the study, can imitate. But to the letter as a book, as has just entered the Shanghai dragon rookie to avoid blindly believe in these things, only according to the practical experience of data analysis and practical is worth asking their trust in. So for the Shanghai Phoenix rookie us how are we going to Shanghai from the flying dragon article draw nutrition content. The author will share some of their own experiences.

three: do not copy the Shanghai dragon expert

: pay more attention to the real cases and data in

search engine is not possible to let you understand so easily, the individual case does not reflect the search engine algorithm. It’s like saying we know love Shanghai Thursday will be the adjustment of the algorithm, some people included the chain increase on this day, they began to talk about update algorithm. But in fact, the algorithm adjusts the love Shanghai and not at all sites. As the Shanghai dragon rookie if you believe the Overgeneralization the blind, easy to doubt or disturb the correct strategic plan of Shanghai dragon. We can not blindly believe in the Overgeneralization article, find the algorithm to adjust the recent trend but through some Webmaster Tools "data in Shanghai Longfeng weathervane. This tool is data from tens of thousands of sites, so the data will be more accurate reliable.

We know that

two: do not Overgeneralization article

for search engine algorithm, I think it is a woman’s heart is a deep ocean of needle, few people can really understand. In Shanghai dragon circle.

do a lot of optimization work people love yourself to do a blog to share their experience in the Shanghai dragon, we can see that there are a large number of Shanghai dragon blog of each area, such as the Shenzhen area, the words "Shenzhen Shanghai dragon" by many Shanghai dragon blog to grab the head broken and bleeding. These blogs are survival time is very short, the real success only like Lu Songsong, ZAC this kind of stick to. For a just step into Shanghai dragon industry novice should not blindly to believe these flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum blog. This article according to the author’s observation is often not what the real case or data, but some bloggers subjective. If we blindly believe that no case and the data of the article is likely to be the guide to the optimization of the wrong track.

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