How to optimize and upgrade new sites keywords ranking

before this love Shanghai large-scale algorithm to update a lot of companies and individual station station crackdown, many owners suffered a serious hammer, some sites included no ranking, no snapshot, there are more poor is the site by K is a hair fell in love with altitude. But when this happens you don’t panic and don’t worry, as long as your site not cheating, can go to love Shanghai station that submit your web site, there may be a site to be killed, the next love Shanghai adjustment algorithm is likely to be put out. Before this, we still have to do the update every day as in the past, content should be not more precision, the number of articles to keep two articles on it.


I did so many years, summed up the share a little experience with you. Now many webmaster friends in the website optimization is updated every day a few articles, send the chain, the more the better these ideas and so on. Serious mistake, do not give the site faster what benefits will only make their own websites die. Website optimization is still stuck in 2012 above, but I do not know because of the emergence of 360 search engines, a serious threat to love Shanghai. Like a pot of meat every day by people rushing to eat. I love Shanghai on a large scale reform. We have not found the frequency has love Shanghai algorithm updates faster, 3 days a small move, 7 days a month, like in the revolution, the action is too big. Many websites have become a victim of love in Shanghai.

The following

1. ideas and we need to handle an idea of what to do, how to do, choose a good product. To choose keywords, we should first find out the key words of competition, because it is new, so don’t dwell on high index keywords to do in time. We can choose some partial correlation words and key words to do better, so it is much easier to do the new.

Chusheng special automobile company to introduce you how to optimize the new keywords and rankings.

2. the choice of the domain name domain name to check the history of the domain name, you can use the search tool to check, the domain name has had a station, have not been K, there is no old links previously included, if the spider can press the old road to grab it, there will be a lot of links and dead space link site credit will decline, so that the site is not welcome in Shanghai love list.

3. website format and structure we all know that love Shanghai search engine is popular speaking spider crawling to your site, it is not known language, then it would be to define your website for no content at all sites, the love of Shanghai how to give you the website ranking or is the weight of it. Language format, here we do is to choose a spider can read like ASP, JSP, PHP etc.. So the website structure would be flat, which is three steps a three page catalog page two. Do this when the spider crawling is very easy to climb. If >

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