Optimization of the chain right

high platform (BBS, blogs, classification of information, community, B2B, bookmarks, directory, navigation) issued by the chain, than has been using one or several platform release effect is much better, if often released in a platform, there may be.

network world is very wide, the release of the chain must not be confined to one or several platforms. Often find some

first, the choice of platform (correlation)

maybe a lot of people think they can send the chain, the chain of hair is effective and so on. In fact, we really will send the chain? Some people think that high quality is the chain of multi user browsing, click multiple, although these factors are, but also not to say that this chain must be of high quality. The largest chain how to send help to bring the

a good article can make a lot of people support and forwarding, if good webmaster through relevant platform published in favor of their own website, N many people reproduced, the effect is undoubtedly great, his hair of the chain a day also not much, but some are not included, some are the chain of garbage. If a large number of people to the site can help reproduced, so go with the flow and the effect will be greater, the site will also help more.



love Shanghai now hit the news source, soft and so most are not good articles to the user experience, love of Shanghai is based on the user experience on the chain, since what experience did not help to users, this chain is garbage sites, too much garbage bring chain the injury is very large.

released the chain

in the website, inside and outside stations are two key factors on the website ranking. Whether it is inside or outside the chain chain will affect the site. In Shanghai the new algorithm after the launch, some owners once suspected the practicability of the chain, that love since Shanghai began to fight outside the chain, news source, soft and so on, then the chain didn’t use what? The fact is on the contrary, the chain for the website to help or very large, some sites are completely through the chain for ranking.

second, if you can take the anchor text or text links

enterprise station belonging to some industries, different enterprises need to choose the platform is different, for example, to A5, the owners of the home platform such as the hair of the chain, from the weight, the selection platform is indeed good, but the correlation was too small.

The correlation between The chain,

third, the chain attraction

website ranking will know, the anchor text and text links on the website ranking is of great help, if we try to give some of the chain of keywords ranking, if good results can directly make the website keywords ranking rise. So we want to release the chain website, you need to bring your own web site keywords or links, increase the user experience, allowing users to enter our website directly.

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