Net red live usher in the big wash the second half or live led by the enterpriseMa Huateng’s letter

guidance Ma Huateng summed up in the letter, entrepreneurs need innovative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and create value for users.

live event when the anchor is out of the limelight, the platform between poaching is fueling anchor value rises, however this time broadcast industry showing a false prosperity, plus the government compulsory intervention of external forces, the capital is becoming rational, broadcast industry also began to consider the business model upgrade calm. As can be seen from the diagram, the relatively high value of the anchor, after a brief burst of red, is also mostly reduced wages. In addition, there are a lot of small anchor frequently burst salary discussion event, which also shows that the shortage of funds chain platform conditions, only starting from wages, reduce operating costs.

Internet never timers, not in order of arrival. Both the application and the platform, whether employees or managers, should dare to challenge and have the courage to trial and error. It is because of constant trial and failure that we can study deeply to tolerate failure and to understand diversity. The new challenges bring new opportunities and new vitality, and inspire our individuals and teams in real time.

1. innovative thinking

this summer, we have just been together for two years of open road.

Competition speed

"Internet broadcast service management regulations" the implementation of force limits the broadcast industry chaos, brutal soaring momentum, great pressure on the eye, from the PA content erotic platform model curry favour by claptrap will have to bear the risk of policy. Although not too many intuitive and accurate data on how the government under high pressure network broadcast platform actually eliminated much, but from the anchor the survival situation and policy enforcement is enough to prove that the network video broadcast is to be cleaned.

dear partner:

The vast amount of data from the However,

innovation is our way to stay young forever.

over the past year, in order to respond quickly to the needs of users, the Tencent to adjust the organizational structure, we need from the company into a small team to fully embrace the mobile Internet, to create the best products and service integration platform, to create value to the users, small company business remodeling traits and entrepreneurial passion.

in addition, by using the live capture platform of dissemination of pornographic materials, anchor account permanently banned and shut down illegal broadcast and other means, will also further purify the network broadcast environment, ensure the healthy development of the real, at least not laissez faire quotbadmoney drives out". In short, the external pressure on live homogenization problems and dilemma of profit makes the current most of the network broadcast platform in crisis.

, on the contrary, the enterprise broadcast more advantages. Although before the mention of live broadcast, most people are concerned about singing, dancing, playing games broadcast live show, in fact, the use of live broadcast to the field of enterprise marketing, you can create greater value. Like apple conference, hammer press conference, double 11 Carnival… Big conferences at home, big event can see the figure of enterprise broadcast. This undoubtedly brings an important inspiration for other enterprises: video live has become the standard of enterprise marketing, enterprise video live marketing has been imperative.

Internet, with innovative ways to break through, to be competitive.

shift, changing. In the pan entertainment live usher in a reshuffle at the same time, the B end commercial broadcast in the second half, but A new force suddenly rises. tight encirclement, who live between the enterprise business platform is reloaded, has attracted more and more attention in the field of the entire broadcast.

, a student who has ambitions to start a business or prepares a business, often thinks about it: "I’m good for entrepreneurship."

Tencent Francisco July 2nd message, tomorrow "2013 Tencent Partner Conference will be held at the National Convention Center, chairman of the board of directors of Tencent CEO Ma Huateng micro-blog has just issued a letter in his article" micro-blog entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs ". In his letter, Ma Huateng concluded that entrepreneurs need innovative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and create value for users.

Tencent open platform white paper shows that the open platform is the best bridge for mutual benefit between users and content, users and developers. These two years, Tencent open platform appeared many interesting Internet applications, by the user’s favorite, not only to obtain income, but also to bring value-added Tencent, made three parties win.

, the overnight explosion of red, the webcast this year to air too many people rush to fame and fortune to soothe a lot of opportunities, I empty heart. Net red economy has become a topic of public concern. But always happens only in a regulatory document in a short moment, fall, let the red and red be in full swing network broadcast platform they feel the slightest chill.

2. entrepreneurship

so, in opening 2nd anniversary today, I’d like to share the feelings with entrepreneurs in the face of Entrepreneurs:

below is the full text of the open letter:


in the PC Internet, for the first time to communicate, social, platform three to build up one by one, this is our Asian Internet companies in the global Internet industry an innovation. In the mobile Internet, WeChat introduced friends circle and light APP model is also the world’s first. We feel that the future of the Internet world may not need domain names, do not need to register a web site, only need a number or two-dimensional code swept away, all services can be provided and achieved.

pan entertainment live hard days, the outbreak of enterprise market potential

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