The Links is the choice of the station link or link to the home page

three, from the site of the PR value analysis: the PR value is actually calculated according to the website, so the station link would be better, but it is the general site only the first page of the PR value will be high, but the inside pages of the PR value is basically no, many web page in the PR is 0, so if the link is the web site, the PR value transfer effect will be obvious, if basically some small sites, the PR value will not have much of a difference.

has a friend asked me a question today, what is Links exchange with others, he is the station links, while others site is home page links, ask this themselves are not very suffer, your site Links output too much, will not have an effect on your ranking. Encounter this problem, I really did not practice, at first with the mass of thoughts, that total to others for home page links, such as using the whole house with others in a living room, certainly a is his own, can’t it? But from Shanghai Longfeng factors to consider analysis. The following analysis:

but, although the station link you to others brought benefits, but the station links you to others also plays a big role; home page link, that is usually the normal exchange links, only in the home with the link. The station is in the station link, almost all of the pages, add your link, called the station link. A website has 1 million pages, if the station links, the 1 million page will add your link. But there is a problem must be considered, and how long is the station link to. One has a collection of hundreds of thousands of pages, when you add a station link today, may take months to search all updated, with the chain reflects the effect of the time, at least for nearly a year. As the person in charge of a website said, buy the station link, equivalent to the same drug, into the.

analysis of two, from a website chain: the chain is calculated in the pages of your website, only to have him where there are links of the chain, and if a web page is enough, then you bring him the chain are more and more, the home link and total station the link difference is very large, a website to 10000 to give you a station link, the chain you suddenly within reach of million or more, and only if the home link is not up to this effect.

, from a spider crawling perspective: this page was easy to see that, do home page links, spiders will only enter your links while crawling home page, and if the station links, the spider climb up to take each page, will enter into your website, so the station link to others your website has brought a lot of spider crawling opportunities.

four, from web exposure analysis: links to the total exposure rate was significantly higher than the home link, so even if it does not consider the Shanghai Longfeng factors, we will choose the station link. This will improve the probability of user access to our website.

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