How to quickly get the new ranking and traffic Do six to let you worry about


and I think we have found my website name is my domain name in pinyin, so ranking on this book is a good keyword color.

The domain name of the website included 4 words!Figure

old domain name of words, to love Shanghai more "pro", Huang Kun this novel my domain name is I in two months ago already registered, but has been placed to now no use! Two months to name those although not a few years old old domain name but, love Shanghai to treat the old domain than the new domain name (just the domain name registration)

site title, this thing is very difficult, how to say, to take the title of the best sites as you don’t get your personal temperament, think of something good, others do not necessarily agree! Take my novel station example, why I choose "color book net" this web site? First I read "the color of the word book" love Shanghai index

novel stand in 8.2, included, and included at the same time on the same day from the sea to fall in love with IP, the new station second days to fall in love with the sea to IP 58IP! More than 30! Love Shanghai weight 1,



so how did I do? Some friends very curious, so today I and Huang Kun to share my experience


website is the most taboo server downtime, causing the site not open! Open or extremely slow! This is the webmaster operation taboo, so webmaster in server purchase, must select the point, not cheap! Because the site slow it is unable to retain users, at the same time love Shanghai spider crawling your site, such as the ten seconds to tens of seconds of site is still not open, will lose interest, give you a no confidence to label K stand down right! The website often cannot open so will

3. user needs to see a website title (long tail keywords)

Huang Kungang contact site do the first station is a novel station, but it was not deep into the world, do not understand the Shanghai dragon and operations. The highest flow was also not novel website Yiliabai, then K, and finally simply no longer do novel stop! And then to now a year without touching novel station but recently, so in 8.1, prompted by a sudden impulse, made a novel station ready to try hand

index is only about one thousand and five hundred, indicating the competitiveness or not! And I love Shanghai in search of the word "blue book", found no competitive rankings are generally within the pages of the station! So the word competition is very small. But the index is quite high also many people search!! user demand is high, so the word can do

nonsense not say, into the theme:


1.If the domain name is

! The word !

high degree of trust! Figure  

2. server configuration


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