nternal website optimization often ignored four points

for a website is undoubtedly the most basic, but also is a necessary foundation, because most of the time after we set up the structure to the site, usually will not change, even will also use the 301 form of the jump change, to avoid causing the site to drop right. There is, as we all know, spiders love original content, but a lot of the time you will find you every day in the release of the original or false original content, but the spider crawling is not, then you should look at your website URL is too complicated, leading to many times the "lazy" spider crawling. So here is a set of clear and concise words website structure to a website either included or the weight can be of help.

for the website optimization, generally divided into two categories, one is the internal optimization, one is outside the station optimization. In fact, the station optimization usually is what we call the auxiliary search engine optimization. From the perspective of some of the above, the role of objective. For internal website optimization in terms of update cannot resist elements, relative to the more difficult. So for the two kinds of optimization, the station optimization is relatively simple, function more powerful, but in these years the station found many owners ignore its importance, this is also a lot of stationmaster ranking up a big reason.

(two) using nofollow tags to distribute website weight to


directory hierarchyThis

in the previous experience, we must understand the importance of the chain, do not rely on outside the station optimization to improve website ranking, it is not possible. Some love analysis site friends may find many good ranking site, but the chain is not much, but the ranking is very stable, it has been unable to understand, in fact, at this time you should observe the other is how to do in the station optimization, at least I think a website as long as do the station optimization, the amount of in some stations aided optimization ranking can easily. Of course in the station optimization is also a persistent work. Well not wordy, today the author mainly for web site chain optimization to share some experience and skills summary to do some of their own station with you.

(a) site structure clear and neat, concise

here I also emphasize one point: to a website directory, more content page weight is more dispersed, so when we design the directory as much as possible so that the directory of light, this is more beneficial to the spider, the spider crawling more natural page weight is good, so also will be improved the whole site weight. There are a lot of friends want to ask how to set? This is very simple, we can directly through the website backstage custom column or page of the article, if it is a dynamic web page to remember a pseudo static Oh, this is more beneficial to the spider crawling.

Perhaps for many > nofollow label

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