How to excavate the long tail keywords medical


here I use a word after the tools of long tail keywords query results can be obtained as below:

love love Shanghai station by using the weighted query, we can roughly approximate search site love Shanghai sources of traffic flow, and some of the site keywords. We use the tool to analyze the flow of the long tail word opponent, the results as below:

from the graph, we remove some short keywords, can directly obtain some long tail keywords, long tail word is these rival sites tested flow long tail, the degree of competition may be higher, but the same, which can bring the flow is more.

Through the love station mining rival flow long tail keywords

as everyone knows, love Shanghai for users, users occupy the vast majority of medical websites. This indicates the feasibility of medical sites to do the bidding, but also, on the other hand also shows that competitive ranking competition. So, from all kinds of medical sites have long tail keywords with either SEM or Shanghai Longfeng, do rankings are on the premise of need what do you want to know the word ranking! So, how to excavate the long tail keywords medical



love Shanghai

, a tool by mining the long tail keywords


three, through traffic statistics tool for mining long tail keywords

we love Shanghai auction, very often used method is matching, so the key words finally automatically matched to a large part are in fact we can not think, is our blind spots. Based on these keywords screening, removing irrelevant and low conversion rate after the word, to the rest of the word and the regional words, can get the long tail keywords we need, this word has a considerable degree of maneuverability, as are some of the more difficult to think of the keywords, so the degree of competition is usually low ranking, easy to do. The Fuzhou Department of gynaecology hospital 贵族宝贝kjfczx贵族宝贝 please

this example, our query is "keywords Fuzhou painless", we can clearly see that the long tail keywords obtained here, almost can be said to be accurate keywords of users, from the user to search these words, can be said that almost all the needs of people flow. Similarly, in the actual application, you need to do the main diseases of different query keywords to get the long tail word.

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